Dumbbell exercises at home

Dumbbell Exercises at home

All the variety of simulators that is available in modern gyms, in fact, serves simply to simplify existing exercises. In fact, the vast majority of them can be performed with a minimum set of simple shells. And dumbbells among them occupy the most important and most significant place.

With the help of this familiar thing for every athlete, you can carry out full-fledged training, even at home and buy now.

Dumbbell exercises at home

Benefits & Features

Why are dumbbells so popular? There are many answers:

  • take up minimum storage space;
  • do not require large space for classes;
  • do not require additional equipment (unless a bench is useful, but you can do without it);
  • load almost the entire “top” of the body.

If you wish, you could add more than one item to this list, but any athlete understands perfectly well: exercises with dumbbells at home are ideal. Moreover, such training can not only maintain shape, but also a good way to gain weight and strength. The main thing is only to have the right amount of pancakes.

It goes without saying that for full-fledged training, only collapsible dumbbells will be required – after all, only by varying the weight will you be able to make progress. Well, for exercises for different muscle groups, a different weight is also required: after all, squeezing 10 pounds from the chest is an easy warm-up, but not a normal exercise.

As mentioned above – dumbbells allow you to work out almost the entire “top” of the human body. Moreover, they can also be used as weights – when doing pull-ups and push-ups on the uneven bars (this only requires a special belt that can support their weight).

The only caveat – in some exercises it is still more convenient to use the bar. This, first of all, concerns traction exercises for the back and squat – simply because it will be more convenient for you to hold one whole structure with two hands in the right position than two separately. Although one can find a plus in this – additional muscle groups will be involved to support the desired position.

What can be done?

As mentioned above – the range of exercises that can be done with dumbbells is extremely large if you have collapsible shells. We will proceed from this – we will form a list of what can be done with collapsible dumbbells and a standard bench (even if it is not with an adjustable tilt). Suppose that their weight varies from 2 kilograms (neck itself) to 20 kilograms each.


  • Bench press.
  • Wiring (“butterfly”).
  • Pullover.


  • Deadlift in all variations.
  • Tilt dumbbell tilt in all variations.
  • Slopes with dumbbells.
  • Dumbbell dumbbell pull.
  • Shrugs.
  • Lateral inclinations.


  • Bench up.
  • Arnold’s bench press.
  • Raising the arms to the sides.
  • Raising arms forward.
  • Lead arms back.


  • Bench press with narrow arms.
  • French bench press in all variations (lying, sitting, standing).
  • Extension of the arm in an inclination.
  • Bending the arm.
  • Arm curl with supination.
  • Hammers.
  • Bending through the bench (in this case, it will play the role of Scott’s bench, albeit not so convenient).
  • Bending the arms, palms “looking” down.


  • Squat in all variations.
  • Lunges.

As you can easily see – the list of exercises includes almost everything that may be required for a full workout. Put a horizontal bar and bars at home so that you can fully engage with your own weight – and you can not go to the gym at all.

That’s basically it.