Elizabeth K Dresses: How To Choose The Right Dress Silhouette

Elizabeth K Dresses (1)Looking for the perfect gown or dress has never been easier! You have to consider a variety of aspects, out of which the most crucial one is – THE SILHOUETTE. 

A silhouette is the basic outline of the dress. However, unlike the word “basic,” choosing a dress silhouette is overwhelming to the core. After all, there are more dress silhouettes than body types. The collection of Elizabeth K dresses evidence the fact! They cover myriads of silhouettes, including A-lines, Sheath, Mermaid, Trumpet, Empire, Straight, and more.

When you try to decide the perfect dress silhouette for you, don’t make the mistake of choosing according to the trend. Instead, count on your body shape and identify which silhouettes flatter you the most. 

If you are not good at the game of dress shopping, don’t worry; this guide will help you. Check out all the details essential for finding the right dress silhouette for you!


Before you pop in on the online store to buy Elizabeth K dresses, take a look at yourself and understand your body shape. You can fall into any of these categories – Hourglass, Pear, Apple, or Rectangle. To ensure which one is your body shape category, you must measure your shoulders, waist, and hips. 

Now, if you know your body shapes and styles that suit you, you’ll have a gala time finding your dream Elizabeth K prom dress or special occasion dress. But, if not, keep reading; the information is right here!



  • Hourglass Body Shape

DO: Lucky are those with hourglass figures – curvy, balanced, and proportionate. If you are the ‘ONE,’ body-hugging silhouettes, including sheath, mermaid, and trumpet, can be your styling BFF.
However, if you are planning a wedding and looking forward to a flared silhouette, you can go for a-line Elizabeth K wedding dresses with sweetheart or V-neckline. 

DON’T: Hourglass-shaped women should say no to high-waistline outfits like an empire and ball gowns. This is because they hide their small waist rather than accentuating it. 


  • Pear Body Shape

DO: Have a thinner torso and waist but larger hips and thigh area? If yes, you are a pretty pear!
To balance your thinner upper body with curvy bottom, you should seize ballgowns or a-line Elizabeth K prom dresses online. They hide heavy hips, helping you appear more proportionate.

DON’T: Avoid body-hugging silhouettes like mermaid and trumpet, as they add more weight to the already heavy bottom part of the body.

peer dress

  • Apple Body Shape

DO: Women with apple body shape have the most weight above hips, so the torso is the widest part of the body. Therefore, well-fitted gowns, a-line, and high-waist line Elizabeth K dress best suits such a figure.
If you have an apple body shape, stick to dresses with a plunging v-neckline or sweetheart design to create an illusion of hourglass shape.

DON’T: Women with apple or round figures should steer clear of a mermaid, trumpet, and straight silhouettes like a sheath. The reason is, they will enhance the widest part of the body, making you look curvier.

Apple Body Shape

  • Rectangle Body Shape

DO: Rectangle body shape is characterized by the undefined waist, with shoulders and hips equal in width. Having a rectangular figure means you can snap up dress silhouettes that draw attention to your waist. Mermaid, a-line, and empire-waist Elizabeth K prom dresses are perfect examples. 

DON’T: You should not doll up in sheath or bodycon dresses to avoid making your body look shapeless. 

Rectangle Body Shape


Shopping for gala occasions becomes quite easier when you know which dress silhouette suits you best. We hope our guide to finding the right silhouette in Elizabeth K dresses helps you navigate the selection process, making shopping and styling a cinch for you.

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