Everything you need to know about the Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Everything you need to know about the Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Also known as Mountain bicycles, Scott mountain bikes are designed for biking in the mountains, dirty trails and other surfaces that are rough. As compared to the road bicycles, these have a better design and are usually rugged for those unfriendly terrains. The bikes have tires that are knobbier and broad to ensure better grip as well as shock absorption. The modern Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes have front wheel suspensions and this has now become a custom. The suspension for the rear and full front, on the other hand has become more general.

In a few of the mountain bikes, the handle bars are usually fixed bar ends. However, we are no seeing some brands of Scott Spark that come with riser handlebars that have been made to oppose the straight handlebar since most of the riders don’t bars that have some extended ends.

The wheels of the mountain bikes were usually 559mm or 26 inches. However, today we have many Scott bikes that have 622 mm or 29 inches wheels. This diameter is what is used universally for the normal road bikes are commonly referred to as 700 c. It is worth noting that the name used for the rim’s diameter has been altered from the real size of the rim.


The configurations of the wheel is what makes the Scott Genius, Open Cycles bikes to be the perfect choice for the purpose of mountain biking. It is usually very unsafe to use the normal bikes for the rough terrains. The Scott mountain bikes are usually more resilient and rugged and have been designed by a team consisting of local experts that ensure safety. The bikes are usually tested to ensure that they have the latest cutting-edge design and are of good quality to.

If you are a beginner trying to search for the right Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes, you may not know of where to begin. You may not even be aware of the accessories that you need to begin biking. The good news is that the Scott Mountain bikes accessories are available in plenty.

One reason why you need to use the Scott Genius bikes is that they usually have a very light weight which provide better acceleration and climbing. These are also usually very stiff to offer the rider a submissive ride and ensure the proper absorption of the vibrations. This is on top of their gorgeous look. Scott Spark bikes are available in a wide range of colors such as vivid pink, vivid purple, satin grey, sky blue, orange, yellow, green, hazy red, satin blue, green and many more. With the safety and comfort assured by the open cycles, there is no reason why you should not acquire one for yourself. Therefore, if you are a fun mountain biking or you regularly ride on a rough terrain; you need to order for your own Santa Cru Mountain Bikes. This is a wise decision that you will enjoy the riding experience that comes with owning the bikes.

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