Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Flooring

Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Flooring

Many people install concrete flooring in their homes or commercial complexes. This material is absolutely strong as hence it is widely used for streets and driveways. But maintaining a concrete flooring requires some prior knowledge. It is better that you are thoroughly updated with the characteristics and maintenance tips of concrete flooring before installing it.

Characteristics of Concrete Flooring

  • This material is very strong and hard.
  • When used for floorings, it showcases immense durability and strength
  • It is not easy to scratch or dent a concrete floor.
  • It appears gray and boring to some, but with some modern dyes and etching techniques, you can add texture and color to it.
  • It works out very economical.
  • Generally this material is quite heavyweight and you need expert guidance before installing it over a subfloor supported by joists. You do get lightweight concrete flooring options too.

Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring


  • Concrete flooring is very low-maintenance. They are highly durable and easy to care for. If you have sealed your flooring well, the surface will not encourage spills, stains or dirt to settle on the surface. You can maintain it easily with light maintenance cleaners.
  • You get plenty of design options for concrete floors. Today, with some modern texturing and coloring techniques, you can add new dimensions and patterns to an otherwise boring concrete flooring. There are many options available for changing and enhancing the look of your concrete flooring with surface treatments like acid stains, paint or concrete stains. You can also stam your flooring with rubber stencils to get luxurious textures. Today, with the right kind of dyeing or coloring treatments, concrete flooring can mimic brick, natural stone and ceramic tile.
  • If you live in extremely cold climates, you have the option of installing electrical cables or hot water tubes embedded into your concrete flooring to make it warm, comfortable and radiate heat. 


  • Concrete feels very hard under your feet. Some people may find this very uncomfortable. 
  • Any dropped glass or china easily breaks on such hard surfaces. This can be tackled using area rugs.
  • Concrete absorbs moisture easily and gets damp. This may damage any surface treatments such as paint. To tackle this issue, you need to seal your concrete flooring well.
  • If not installed properly, a concrete flooring may develop cracks over time. You can tackle this by using patching materials and colored cement paste.
  • A concrete flooring may not be entirely sustainable. Although concrete is biodegradable, the process of making cement is not sustainable. You need a lot of energy to produce this kind of flooring as compared to other materials such as glass, wood or steel.

Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance of Concrete Flooring

Professional Assistance:

If you want to hire experts for cleaning, sealing and repairing your concrete flooring, you can try the services of D’Sapone – one of the leading stone, tile, glass and grout restoration service providers in the U.S. Their experts are highly trained and they have their own patented procedures for restoration. 

When you hire them for cleaning and sealing your Concrete Flooring, you can expect them to:

Deep-Clean your Concrete Flooring

Experts use patented procedures and high-quality products to deep clean your porous concrete flooring to remove all hidden traces of stains and mold at the root-level. 

Seal your Concrete Flooring

Experts use patented sealing procedures to seal your porous concrete floor and make it water-resistant. You will not have to worry about your flooring getting damp or damaged due to moisture seepage.

Repairing your Concrete Flooring

If you find any cracks in your surface, you can hire experts to repair the cracks using high-quality adhesives. They will ensure seamless repair jobs to make your flooring look seamless.

Do-It-Yourself Task:

If you want to indulge in deep-cleaning, sealing, repairing and maintenance of your concrete flooring  yourself, you can buy high-quality products from pFOkUS – one of the leading stone, tile, grout and glass restoration products manufacturing companies in the US. Our products have been manufactured after years of research in the labs.

You can by pFOkUS products for cleaning, sealing and repairing of your concrete flooring as explained below:

Cleaning Concrete Flooring

Our Imperia Deep Clean is a strong deep-penetrative cleaner that enters into the pores of concrete surfaces and knocks off hidden traces of mold, mildew and stains from within without causing any etching on the surface.

Repairing Concrete Flooring

If you have any cracks on your surface, you can use Sentura – our two-part pigmented flexible solvent-based epoxy/resin sealer formed on a 1200psi adhesion. Sentura can be pigmented in more than 40 colors to give you a desired shade. It will never pop off from the surface and give you a seamless repair job.

Sealing Concrete Flooring

You can seal your surface using Celine – our clear resin topical solvent sealer that makes your concrete flooring water-resistant and imparts a luxurious sheen to it.

Maintaining Concrete Flooring

After deep-cleaning and sealing, if you still find some superfluous stains on your surface, you can maintain it using Imperia Maintenance or Valore Maintenance. The latter has 6.97% of H2O2 at the molecular level and is a stronger maintenance cleaner.

This way, you can clean, seal, repair and maintain your concrete flooring yourself using the best-quality products from pFOkUS.