Experience the taste of South Indian food

Experience the taste of South Indian food

South Indian food comes from the southern region of India like Kerala, TamilNadu, and Karnataka etc. The staple food for south Indian’s is rice. They prefer having rice for every course of their meal. There are over 500 south Indian dishes.

The variety in Indian food:

Indian food is not limited to curry and butter chicken; there are many dishes coming from every region of Indian. The country is diverse and has many cultures within her. Indian restaurants have spread throughout the world, in many countries. People can have a taste of India even staying out of India. There is the dosa factory in Cambridge; people can taste not only curry or butter chicken but also south Indian food which has rich spices and a unique style of preparing the food.

Before going there, you can also visit the online menu of dosa factory menu to check out the varieties they have to offer their customers not only Indians but also the localities staying there. The menu includes all south Indian varieties from dosa to uttapam, all kinds of chaatsand bhels which are very famous in India for a snack and not to forget panipuri the world famous water balls of India.

The Indian street food:

The Indian street food consists of dishes such as the different types of Bhels, chaats, golgappas, etc. In every region or every state of India, the people have their own way of making the same dishes like chaats and bhels in their own way with their own touch to it. Indian food surely is different and unique from other foods in the world. The difference is not only in the taste but also in the methods used to prepare the dishes. Indian food shows a perfect intermix of diverse cultures and age. Visit an authentic Indian restaurant or an Indian home to taste the flavors of India.

There are many vegetarian & non-vegetarian meals. Vegetarian Food like Rice, Bread, Dal (Pulses), Vegetables, Curd, and Pickle are common amongst the Indians. So a lot of times it also includes a few desserts. Many Indians are vegetarians they eat vegetables fruits grains and milk.

Whereas of non-vegetarian, it has many dishes within it like the most famous chicken or mutton biryani, butter chicken, laalmaas (red meat), and many more. Indians love spicy food, and therefore many dishes of there are spicy in taste which is normal for them but for others who do not eat spicy, it is very difficult for them even to finish one little meal. You cannot talk about Indian food and not talk about spices. India is called the home of spices, the world over. Throughout India, be it North India or South India, spices are used liberally in food. It is important to know that every single spice used in Indian dishes bears some nutritional value as well as medicinal attributes. Due to which many Indians love a lot of spice in their food, but at the end of their love having a little sweet or a glass of buttermilk to digest the food.