Few Things to Follow When One is Pregnant

When One is Pregnant

When one finds out for the first time that they are pregnant, they do feel a huge mixture of emotions. One should know that there will be a lot of exciting things in store but some of the things can also be a bit scary. So, this journey of pregnancy seems to be a complete new chapter in life.

When one is pregnant, there are plethoras of advice for first time mothers but one should know what to hear and what not to. Here are a few things that should be on your mind in the coming nine months.

Go easy on the maternity clothes

There is no need to worry about the maternity clothes anymore because they do not look boring and when it comes to fashion, plenty of trendy clothes are around. For the first trimester, one may get away by wearing their regular clothes but not after that. But again one should not spend a lot of money on maternity clothes because those are just for a few months. One can easily go ahead with 2 pairs of pants and a few long and loose shirts. Only in the thirds trimester one might need some larger maternity dresses. One should focus on clothes that are comfortable. That is it.

Stay off Google

This is very important. There are a lot of stories in Google and most of them can scare you. Stop reading them and stop listening to weird pregnancy stories that try to reach you. If one feels that they are facing any strange symptoms or if they are having any physical issues, then one should go straight to their gynaecologist. They will treat and find the cause behind it.

Tell your core group of friends early

If one needs to share their news of pregnancy, then it should be among the close group of friends only. This will make you feel more supported in both good and bad. They can share the happiness and celebrate with you in this adventure.

Invest in a body pillow and support tank

There are a lot of pregnancy related products available these days in the market. But it is true that it is not necessary to buy them all. But for an easy and comfortable pregnancy life, one needs a good support tank and a body pillow. This pillow will help one to sleep peacefully when they are pregnant. This also allows one to detect a comfortable spot when the belly gets larger and when the baby starts kicking.

Do not obsess over weight gain

Weight gain is something which is definitely going to happen when one is pregnant. So, one should not think or obsess over it. It is okay to not count on calories for a few months but again one should consult a gynaecologist if there is excessive weight gain.

These are the few first time mom tips that one can follow. Apart from that, eating right and doing light exercises regularly can be of great help in this tenure.