Foods & Drinks To Avoid If You Have Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

The sensation of sharp pain and discomfort can become tiresome every time you eat or drink something. This is actually due to the hypersensitivity of teeth. Teeth sensitivity is a very common issue, and in the US, more than 3 million cases are reported annually. A person may get teeth sensitivity anytime in life; many people usually live with it, and some might get it later on.

In addition to improving dental hygiene and medications, one can also avoid certain types of food and drinks to avoid sensitivity. For instance, many people might complain about sensitivity occasionally, while others may experience it most of the time.

Which Foods And Drinks Can Be Avoided?

The first thing that can help you deal with tooth sensitivity is the use of sensitive toothpaste. The other thing you might do is to avoid such foods and drinks that trigger sharp pain in your teeth. This might prove useful in order to save you from irritation and pain.

  • Alcoholic Beverages

It is essentially important to avoid alcoholic beverages as these are not only high in sugar content, but these beverages are also acidic. Using alcoholic beverages may make sensitivity worse. It is; therefore, better to avoid alcohol in case you are dealing with teeth sensitivity. Maintaining oral hygiene also becomes troublesome if you are struggling with addiction.

Addiction not only affects health but it has many negative impacts on life and life activities. A decision to take professional care might save you from further troubles. Many addiction programs are usually insurance-covered. In order to get a more clear idea about which insurance plan covers for addiction treatment, simply contact the number mentioned on the insurance card.

  • Oranges

These Citrus fruits are actually very acidic. It is better to avoid acidic foods and drinks as the usage of acidic food sources might add to the damage of tooth enamel and cause more harm. Remember that citrus fruits are rich sources of Vitamin C.

You just need to skip oranges temporarily. As soon as the sensitivity gets better, you can begin to take oranges. However, at times when you are really dealing with pain, it is better to avoid oranges.

  • Lemons And Lime

Lemons and lime are other citrus fruits that are to be avoided. Teeth sensitivity can become more pinching, sharp, and unbearable with the use of citrus fruit. Citrus fruits are very acidic and cause damage to the top protective layer of teeth. Hence, avoiding all types of citrus fruits can save from bearing unnecessary pain and trouble.

Citrus fruits in any form, such as lemons, lime, and grapefruits, may become damaging to teeth, especially if you have thin tooth enamel. You may immediately experience pain right after taking citrus fruits in any form.

  • Iced Coffee

Sudden temperature changes may also initiate sharp pain in teeth. Iced coffee is relatively cold and may even trigger sensitivity. Skipping iced coffee is the best way to avoid sensitivity pain if you are dealing with a teeth sensitivity problem. Most people with sensitivity complain about unbearable sharp pain accompanied by the intake of cold beverages.

  • Ice Cream

One might feel tempted to eat a couple of ice cream scoops, but certainly, it comes on your ‘no’ list if you are dealing with teeth sensitivity. Temperature is one of the major triggers of tooth sensitivity. 

Hence avoiding anything that can bring sudden temperature changes is an effective way to avoid sensitivity. In addition to being cold, ice creams are rich in sugar, and thus eating it can further damage teeth through tooth erosion and teeth cavities.

  • Hot Soup

Certainly, hot or cold foods can add more pain when you are already experiencing teeth sensitivity. Drinking a hot bowl of soup might sound soothing and refreshing, but it is not for you, especially if you are dealing with teeth sensitivity. If you really desire to have it, then let it cool down for a while. This will help to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort.

  • Sodas

The bubbles coming out of soda drinks might make soda drinks more tempting; however, these are certainly not for you if you are dealing with teeth sensitivity. Not only are soda drinks acidic, but these are very rich in sugar thus can cause more damage to the sensitive teeth.

A person is more vulnerable to unusual discomfort if you drink chilled sodas. Furthermore, one may look to avoid energy drinks as these have the same effects on sensitive teeth as that of other soda drinks.

  • Candies

There has not been a good relation between candies and teeth for ages. Candies are harmful to teeth and may even become the cause of many troubles. Candies are rich in sugar sources, and sour candies are acidic too.

Though the use of candies is popular among people of all ages, such as kids, adults, and older people, the excess of it can result in cavities in teeth. It is not a good idea to eat more candies, especially when you are dealing with teeth problems such as sensitivity.

  • Tea

Tea comes with many variations and has a lot of health benefits as well. Tea directly does not cause any harm to teeth. The only issue is temperature, as hot teas can initiate and may even worsen teeth sensitivity. 

Most patients complain about a pinching sensation in their teeth right after sipping on a cup of hot tea. Tea is otherwise beneficial, and you may begin to use it as soon as you get treatment for teeth sensitivity.

Take Away

Teeth sensitivity is a very usual problem that refers to the sensation of sharp pinching pain in teeth. Sometimes a person can avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort by simply avoiding certain types of food and drinks. Normally teeth are sensitive to sudden temperature changes, and hence avoiding hot and cold eatables might save from unnecessary pain.