Garage Mold Removal Services: Call In The Professionals

Garage Mold Removal Services: Call In The Professionals

Exposure to mold infestation puts your health at risk, that’s for sure. But do you know mold can harm other things besides your health? Mold is capable of destroying your valuables. Over time, they can cause extensive damage to wood, drywall, and other porous materials found in your garage. Just before this infestation results in extensive structural damage to your garage, be sure to call on mold removal services specialists. 

Can I Remove Mold Myself?

Of course, you can remove mold from your garage yourself using consumer-grade cleaning products and other applicable methods, but you are endangering not just your life but also that of your extended family members. You are even at greater risk when dealing with black mold, the deadliest strain of mold. 

Mold colonies get disturbed during the cleanup process. This releases mold spores in the air. If you are not protected, you will inhale these harmful microorganisms, which can affect your health. Also, the mold spores released in the air will spread to other parts of the garage in search of the perfect spot to settle and develop into new colonies. 

If you are keen on removing mold yourself, get the following personal protective gear

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Face mask respirator
  • Disposable hazmat suit

Do not forget to shut all doors and windows or any other opening that leads to other parts of your home. This curbs the spread of mold spores to forming new colonies in your living space. Secure plastic sheeting over air vents. Leave your garage doors wide open to allow for ventilation.

What Can I Use to Remove Garage Mold Growth?

There are lots of consumer-grade cleaning products on the market, but the big question is are they potent enough to completely eliminate a mold colony? It takes a lot of work and experience to get results using bleach, especially when trying to get rid of mold colonies on porous materials. 

One of the most recommended and effective cleaning solutions is hydrogen peroxide. Apply on the affected surface and leave it to dwell for as long as possible. 

All mold-damaged items should be disposed of in a biohazardous bag and sealed away to ensure spores don’t spread to unaffected areas. After a thorough cleaning job, dispose of the waste properly. 

Get Professional Help

Mold removal services require the expertise of professionals. Cleaning and sanitizing affected areas are only temporary solutions. Professional removal service will not only eliminate mold colonies in your garage but also ensure that they never resurface. They will fix the problem from the root cause. In addition, they will provide homeowners with result-driven measures to keep their garage and property mold-free. 

One of the factors that aid mold infestation is moisture and humidity levels. Your garage will be extensively checked for water leaks. Removing mold yourself is a risky affair, trust the professionals to restore your garage to its original glory with their effective mold removal strategies.