GeekWire Charts Seattle Company’s Remarkable $120M Raise

GeekWire Charts Seattle Company's Remarkable $120M Raise

A recent blog post by GeekWire has detailed an incredible $120 million raise by a Seattle-based company. Based in the ultra-competitive tech hub of Seattle, the company that raised this capital is called and they’re working on home services, such as repairing and remodeling existing homes as well as aiding in the purchase and sale of existing properties. 

This news is especially interesting, given the fierce competition among companies all vying for investors‘ attention. The ability to obtain capital is of utmost importance in the tech and startup world, and’s success is a remarkable showing of their approach to the industry. 

The money raised by will be used to expand their home services platform to other cities in the US, as well as expanding into new areas of home services in existing cities. This expansion could be a major boon for the company and have a significant impact on the Seattle tech world. As more companies come to Seattle looking for new investments and capital,’s success may be seen as an inspiration for more startups to seek out new investments. 

Of course, with the money raised comes responsibility and expectation. The hope is that this capital will be well spent and provide the company with 

the ability to significantly expand its reach and offerings. Additionally, the success of this raise could be seen as a positive signal for the overall health of the Seattle tech industry, with companies like seeing enough promise in their business ideas to make big investments in new projects and services. 

The news of’s $120 million capital raise should be looked at as a major milestone for the Seattle tech startup market. The ability to attract such a significant amount of funding is proof that the industry is alive and well in Seattle and that a product or service can achieve great success if it has the potential to be a game-changer in the home services space.

GeekWire Investigates Seattle Startup’s $23M Venture Round

Today, GeekWire investigates Seattle-based startup’s massive $23 million venture round. Led by Seattle-based Madrona Venture Group, the round was reported earlier this month and is the largest funding round in the city’s startup history. The deal is two times bigger than Seattle’s previous record-breaking round, a $12 million series A for Apptio in 2011.

The startup is Remix, a software-as-a-service platform that helps cities improve the way they manage public transportation. Founded in 2013, Remix raised just over $2 million in seed and a series A round. 

Noteworthy investors in the round include Microsoft Ventures, FundersClub, Y Combinator, Citi Ventures, 500 Startups, and Investing in Women Accelerator (IW Accelerator). With the $23 million round, Remix announced that Kimalert Brown, a former VP of product for SharePoint at Microsoft, will join the company as its chief product officer. 

The money raised doesn’t come without potential challenges for the startup. With its increased funding, Remix will take on larger and more established competitors, namely Google, which is investing heavily in smart transportation across the world. Despite this, Remix is poised to capitalize  on a growing need for more efficient transportation options, such as bike and car sharing programs and automated scheduling.

It remains to be seen if this bold move by Madrona and its investors will pay off. Nonetheless, the $23 million round is likely to be remembered as an important milestone in the Seattle startup scene and further validation of the city’s innovation potential.

GeekWire Uncovers $23M Raise for Seattle Tech Firm

It’s no stretch to say that Seattle’s tech sector has seen a major boost over the last few years, and thanks to a recent report from GeekWire, we now know just how much.

The tech news outlet uncovered a huge $23M raise for a Seattle-based tech firm, which works as a “software-as-a-service” platform aimed at helping market researchers Conduct surveys, analyze data, and track customer relations. This whopping raise coincides perfectly with the tech boom that Seattle has been experiencing, signaling that investors are heavily betting on the future of the Emerald City’s tech sector.

The new round of funding was led by Norwest Venture Partners and Voyager Capital, both of which have sizable investments in the Seattle area. Reports indicate that this raise brings the startup’s total funding up to around $41 million.

The annual growth of Seattle’s tech sector is predicted to keep going up, and this latest raise is yet another indication of the news trend. It means big things for the company in question, and ultimately shows the potential that Seattle startup companies have to find the funding needed to grow and make a lasting impact on their industry.