Get the high level of security with Uniformed Security in San Diego

Corporate Security

At MPS security, you are going to get a higher level of professional protection and security services. It is basically a division of the NBI that is one of the full-service security firms that provide physical as well as asset security with the help of uniformed security officers. You will have the site security, events, access control, security patrols, residential and commercial properties, loss prevention, undercover officers, fraud detection and so on. MPS Security is one of the leading security company that provides customers with various services like personal protection, hostile termination protection, labor union, estate security, strike security, reduction in workforce security, corporate event security, termination protection, risk and threat management and so on.

The San Diego Security Services focuses on the client outcomes by providing them the professional uniformed security officers and the protection agents to enhance the security and the safety at the residential, workplace and retail environments. The trained staff and the professional officials will focus on your needs to provide you with the customized security plan. Also, we will help you in staffing your location with the officers and the agents that will help you understand the unique nature of the security concerns and the vulnerabilities at your home and work environment.

Areas of operation of Uniformed Security in San Diego!

  • MPS security is one of the uniformed security in the 4 major western states like California, Arizona, Washington, and Nevada, Florida, Colorado. With the help of the strategic partnerships, the uniformed security will provide you the services in the US. MPS security is also operational internationally in terms of some specific services and support.
  • The main operational office is situated in Southern California and it operates heavily in the Orange County, San Deigo County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County. The corporate headquarters is situated in Murrieta, California. This area is one of the growing business and is an industrial hub of Southern California that allows MPS security to offer the uninformed coverage to the various other regions.
  • MPS security is one of the licensed divisions of NBI. It is a full-service security firm that focuses on the physical and asset safety, security and privacy with the usage of the Uniformed security officers for the site security, events, commercial properties, and residential communities. As far as the client’s need is concerned, MPS will offer you the services such as the security patrols, fraud detection security patrols, undercover officers and so on.
  • The MPS security also provides various other services like risk management and the mitigation services with the help of the highly trained individuals that have a unique skill set for the executive protection, workplace employee protection, armed security, travel safety escorts and so on.