All You Need to Know About Glamping Tents

Glamping Tents

Glamping is the innovative way of camping. People who often go for outdoor adventure usually know what does Glamping means. It is the type of outdoor adventure with indoor amenities. But to enjoy glamping to the fullest it is necessary that you have the best Glamping Tents. These luxury tents are designed to make lasting impression on your guest because of its excellent and unique design that combines comfort and luxury with striking looks. These tents are actually more than glam tents as they have unique characteristics of glamp tents that offer archetypal camping tent solutions to all camp operators across the world. This enables them to setup the camp at any remote location without hampering the fragility of the ecosystem. Because of its non invasive structure erection, they are easy to transport to areas that are feasible for the camp. All these characteristics will guarantee great comfort and luxury spaces inside the nature inspired tenting structures.

Glamping Tents Offer Luxury in Nature

Now you can easily offer you guest with up-close experience of nature, all with the right comfort of your house, with amazing ranges of Glamping Tents. From silhouette which has been inspired by the Mother Nature and available in wide spectrum of colour combination that blends well with surroundings, the glamp tents ensure to offer better tented safari like accommodation.

Every detailing of the tents are considered and the interiors are designed to blend well with the nature. Apart from maintaining the design of the interior, the manufacturers also focus on aluminium support poles which match the colour of the canvas used for designing the tents. This tent is masterly designed to fit in with the surroundings and hence using glamp tents in your next camping trip would offer real authentic experience like no other.

What are the Benefits of Glamping Tents?

  • You can achieve total privacy with the clever configuration of the tent’s door and windows. The windows and doors of the glamp tents are designed to enhance your views, while providing complete privacy within the tents.
  • The glamp tents are designed to be 100% waterproof, all thanks to the patented stretch tent fabric that is used on the roof of the tent and superior grade canvas is used for the walls of the tent that is put together carefully and a bath tub is integrated within the configuration to keep the ground water out too. The bathroom and bedroom has separate floors and this prevents spillage of water from shower to the living area.
  • The rubberised door and window gauze ensures to make the tent’s interior 100% bug free
  • It also has bottom and top air vents that can be closed when not needed and open to increase the airflow inside the glamp tent. This makes the tent colder during summers and prevents condensation during chilled months.
  • It also has dual roof that adds further to the cooling effects of the tent by creating shadow over the roof and this prevents direct sunlight inside the tent.
  • The waterproof verandas ensure to offer the guests with respite from sun and rain, while allowing them to recline outside the tent efficiently to enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding.

Quality Glamping Tents That Translate Longevity

Most of the modern day Glamping Tents are designed using the latest manufacturing methods and technologies and makes the tents highly efficient for camping. Top quality tent fabric is used for designing the heavy duty tents which are known for highest longevity, while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the tents. The fabrics that are used for designing these tents are specially patented UV resistant stretch fabric for tents. Some of the tents also come with the option to add optional double roofing system which enhances the overall longevity and life expectancy of the tent. The walls of the tent are made out of 100% waterproofing material and it comes treated with anti-fungal coating which ensure no mold formation.

The tents are also having mosquito net which are rubberized and this makes it tear resistant and durable in nature. Quality lightweight aluminium materials are designed for the poles and available with both Velcro and zipper doors and windows.