Guide to Cigar Scents, Flavors, and Right Way to Store Them

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Cigar Blenders do their work with utter perfection as distillers of fine spirits, makers of the coffer, and brewers of beer. Cigar blending is a fine art and science as well. The flavors of the cigars are created by the region soil and different types of leaves where tobacco is grown. The cigar is made by selecting a few leaves grown from a smattering of plants. Leaves aged after harvest and then blended into the cigar to make a unique style hand-rolled cigar. You should buy the best quality cigar to experience such as AJ Fernandez Cigars. You can buy AJ Fernandez Cigars online anytime. 

Cigar Scents and Flavors

A cigar is made of various components that lend its flavor.

Leaf Origin

The tobaccos of cigars are grown in various countries including Cuba, Dominican Republic, Connecticut, and Nicaragua. The climate and soil of these countries are perfect for producing the best-flavored cigars. 

The cigar flavors are largely based on the mixture of leaves used in making it. Cigars with leaves grown in Nicaragua and Honduras give entirely different flavor than a cigar with only Nicaraguan tobacco. The combination of leaves mainly determines the flavor of the cigar. It is similar to how the chefs make different flavors by mixing various ingredients. 

The Cigar Wrapper

The outer leaf of the cigar is known as the cigar wrapper. This wrapper also affects the flavor of the cigar and also defines the look of the cigar. This wrapper is thoroughly examined by the experts of cigars. The wrapper should be of good quality as it shields the cigar from the outer elements. The cigar which is not exposed to the extreme conditions and gives the best flavor is the cigar entirely free from imperfection. 

Filler and Binder

The filler portion contains the largest portion of the tobacco in the cigar. This binder acts as the backbone that helps to give the right shape to the filler and wrapper. The filler and binder add their impact to the cigar’s flavor. 

How the Cigar is Burned?

The flavor of the cigar also depends upon the way it is burned. Cigars can be burned in every manner to produce specific flavors. Cigars that give mellow taste in the beginning and the transformation into different flavors are very common to smoke. 

Many times different smokers do not get the same taste with the same flavor combinations as the taste buds are all different. One smoker many experiences the strong flavor and others might find it less strong. 

Right Way to Store Cigars

It is very important to store your cigar properly. If you store your cigars improperly then it will lead to the loss of freshness and flavor. Cigars easily catch moisture when it is humid and dry out quickly as well. Cigars continue to absorb moisture until the moisture matches to the environment. 

Moreover, smoking a damp cigar will give a poor taste. It will also make it difficult to light and even harder to smoke. When you smoke it the smoke will be dense that results in the sour taste. The cigar should be burned at the proper temperature for good combustion. 

If the cigar is dry then it will lead to the evaporation of essential oils and reduces aroma. Your cigar should contain 14% of its total weight of moisture. 

To maintain the right temperature and humidity of cigars, you should follow these steps:

Temperature and Humidity 

You have to carefully monitor the humidity and temperature of the humidor. You should not forget about the cigars after keeping them in the humidor. You have to maintain the optimal level of humidity and temperature to keep your cigars fresh and flavorful. 70% of humidity is perfect for the cigars as this level of humidity will prevent the cracking and molding of the wrapper. 


It is a must to choose the high-quality cigar if you want a good smoking experience. Choose top-of-the-line cigars from reputable sellers. After purchasing the best-quality cigars, make sure to store them in a good humidor. Never start with inferior cigars as it will add a bad experience in your mind. 

Humidors and Humidifiers 

A humidor is a proper box specifically designed to store cigars. High-quality humidors contain a lift-out tray and divider that helps it easy to retrieve cigars. You can neatly organize cigars and access them easily. Humidors come in many different sizes and shapes. Bid humidors can even store hundreds of cigars. The humidity is maintained through passive or active humidifiers. The active humidifiers have a built-in-sensor and powered by electricity that determines the moisture.  However, passive humidifiers are not powered by electricity but they use vapor conduction that helps to maintain the humidity inside the humidor. 

Final Words!!

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