Guide To Choosing the Ideal Bridesmaid Dresses for Different Wedding Celebrations

Guide To Choosing the Ideal Bridesmaid Dresses for Different Wedding Celebrations

For every bride, her wedding ceremony is indeed special, and to ensure that she doesn’t have to face any crisis on that day is her entourage’s responsibility. Thus, bridesmaids are an essential part of any wedding ceremony. Speaking of which, so are the bridesmaid dresses! 

Just like the bridesmaid dresses need to have a coordination with the bridal gown, there needs to be absolute harmony between their attires and the wedding venue or overall vibe of the celebration. 

The following guide has been prepared to help every bride and her entourage look for the perfect bridesmaid dresses for a perfect wedding ceremony.

1. Vintage and Modest for a Traditional Church Ceremony 

Let’s start with the most common one! The traditional church ceremony is one of the most popular wedding celebrations which demand sophisticated and modest attire. To make the most of it, you can go with flowing long bridesmaid dresses with A-line skirts. The neckline need not be too revealing. Go for colours that are light and not too jarring such as blush, rose gold, pink, champagne and so on. However, if you are going with shades of white, it’s better to take the bride’s opinion into consideration because you never want to upstage her. The necklines that you can choose are bateau, V neck, off-shoulder, and halter. 

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2. Short & Simple for a Beach Wedding Ceremony

A beach wedding usually has a casual vibe where you need to be comfortable and stylish. Therefore, the first thing will be to try and avoid long and flowy dresses with trains. Instead, go for tea-length dresses which are cute and modest. You can colour coordinate with the bride or you can make sure to create an interesting contrast. Since it is a beach and the overall vibe is expected to be all bright and sunny, colours like yellow, sky-blue or off-white are suitable. Regarding fabrics, it’s best to keep away from heavy ones like velvet or jersey. Instead, go with tulle and chiffon to enjoy the sunny beach and be all light and breezy. On the off chance you decide to go with full-length skirts, make sure they don’t end up forming a sweep train. 

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3. Trendy & Sexy for a Ballroom Ceremony

A ball room wedding ceremony is usually suave! Therefore, you need to dress up in something affluent and classy. Speaking of which, we automatically think of bridesmaid fitted dresses in luxury fabrics like satin, silk and so on. Needless to say, that the fitted skirt will hug your figure and display the curves in the perfect light which will make you look sexy. 

There are a number of mermaid and trumpet dresses that you can try. The sheath dresses will also be a nice choice. Colours like pink, gold, red and even purple are perfect for a ballroom wedding celebration. Additionally, you can also go with sequin but choose your bling carefully so that it doesn’t overpower you. 

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4. Chic & Sophisticated for a Vineyard Wedding Ceremony

A fairly traditional and vintage attire is best for a vineyard wedding celebration but you have to do it way more differently than that of a church one. For instance, it is a much “closer to nature” setting so you can try out some dresses which say the same. Colours like lilac will really help to match up. Other than that, beautiful floral prints are something you can think of. If it helps, try thinking of the fall collection, and you will get a vision because autumn dresses are usually warm-toned, cute and always have a connection with the beauty of nature. You can do strapless, halter or the flattering off-shoulder to look a bit more on the contemporary side. Unlike the traditional church ceremony, you need not necessarily find something modest and concealed if you are not up to it. 

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5. All Covered Up for a Hillside Wedding Ceremony

A hillside wedding ceremony means you have to think about the weather first. Naturally, it will be cold; so, your options are either a lot of layers or full sleeve dresses made from heavy fabrics like velvet, suede, chenille etc. Try out something fitted because it has the chance to keep you warm and comfortable at the same time. 

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CoutureCandy brings to you an amazing collection of designer bridesmaid dresses that has everything for every type of wedding ceremony. Choose anything from traditional to modern and look stunning for the special celebration. You can select from a wide range of sizes, colours and styles here. 

Happy shopping!

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