High wattage LED bulbs to brighten your space

High wattage LED bulbs to brighten your space

The high wattage LED lamp

The light emitting diodes or the LED bulbs are a very efficient source of light which are more than 90% in energy efficient in comparison with the incandescent bulbs. The LED bulbs are actually semiconductors which have a positively charged component along with the negatively charged component. Electrons are received in the positively charged component and they are known as holes. Electrons float around the negatively charged component. When current is passed through the semiconductor the flow of electron is directed from the negatively charged component of the positively charged important. As a result, light is produced because of the excited electrons. A very little amount of voltage is required to produce a sufficient amount of luminosity with the help of LED bulbs.
Apart from the ordinary low wattage LED lamps which are sufficient to illuminate a small room, the high wattage LED bulbs are also used in the homes all in the public places to properly illuminate the place. The LED bulbs do not produce as much as heats like the incandescent bulbs and hence they are long lasting than the incandescent bulbs. You can find various types of new led high wattage lamp online in india.

The efficiency of the high voltage LED bulbs

The high voltage LED bulbs are used illuminate the Open Spaces like Garden and swimming pool. In some places they are also used as street lights. The high voltage LED bulbs also used to illuminate halls and rooms also. The energy efficiency and the long life of the LED bulbs made them a good choice as home lighting. The incandescent bulbs due to heat tend to burn out or fail. The high voltage LED lamps, on the other hand, designed to illuminate for a long period of time and when they reach the termination point of their shelf life they begin to produce less luminosity. The shelf life of LED bulbs depends on the quality of the semiconductors and also on the heat sinks which absorb the heat produced by the flow of electrons.

The high wattage LED lamps are adequately available in the general stores and also in the online shopping platforms. Online shopping led high wattage lamp in india is so convenient that the majority of people prefer to buy the high wattage LED lamps from their preferred online shopping websites.

Advantages of using high wattage LED lamp

  • The high wattage LED lamps can illuminate more area, therefore there are more cost efficient than the incandescent lamps who require more energy consumption to illuminate more area.
  • The illuminating factor of the high wattage LED lamps is constant. The same illumination is consistent for the shelf life of the LED lamps.
  • LED lamps are designed to provide glare-free illumination which is soothing for the eyes.
  • The LED lamps are protected from the high surge of current.
  • High wattage LED lamps generally has 15000 hours shelf life which is capable of constantly illuminating the place at the same rate.

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