How Can a Child Care Consultant Help Parents?

child care consultant

More of the industries are well-regulated. However, childcare is not one of these industries. It is confusing and overwhelming with a few regulations. There are high price tags. Parents always want to find a loving and safe caregiver for their kids. This adds emotional pressure. When it comes to childcare, parents want to give the best to their kids. However, it is not always easy to find what they want.

Some people focus on the structure and community of the daycare center. There are many families that need flexible support of a nanny. Different families have different needs. Families that have a tight budget often look for affordable options. Such families can go for options like nanny-sharing. However, these families have no idea where to start.

Even when they are all aware of the type of childcare they need, still they have many questions to ask. While searching for a nanny or a daycare provider, they are going to face some unknowns. They are going to make an important decision. It will be easy for parents to make the right decision if they have someone to assist them. A coach who knows the industry from inside out can help you in hiring a good nanny or a childcare center.

Here is what child care consultants do

Child care consultants help parents when they are searching for a quality child care center. The consultant helps them in the hiring process. At the end of the hiring process, parents have a child care center that can address their needs. A child care consultant:

  • Tells parents about their requirements and local community practices and standards for different types of child care services such as nannies, daycare, au pairs and nanny-sharing.
  • Makes parents aware of different child-raising philosophies, household preferences, parenting styles, family culture, management ability and identifying and communicating child care needs so that they can find a good child care match.
  • Tells parents about the best process for finding and hiring quality child care services provider and how to build a healthy relationship with the child care provider.
  • Provides resources for a better parental organization. The consultant also facilitates communication throughout the process of searching and hiring. The consultant will also tell parents about the duration of employment.
  • Provides comprehensive support to parents by discussing situations they might face. The consultant will also address the questions asked by the parents.

Getting started with child care consultants

These consultants usually offer in-person child care coaching sessions. Parents might join the session via video/phone. The session is personalized according to the needs of the family. Most of the in-person sessions are 2-2.5 hours long. After the session, parents will be able to confidently find and hire child care provider.
The consultant will assess your child care requirements, your parenting style, your schedule and career requirements.

Child care consultant will discuss variety of topics such as:

  • Challenges, feasibilities and benefits of available child care options including nannies-live in or out, daycares, SAH parenting or au pairs.
  • Things parents need to know for interviewing nannies and daycares.
  • Costs and other considerations.
  • Child care budget preparation and comparison of nanny vs. daycare costs. These costs also include payroll, insurances, taxes, extra expenses, benefits, back-up care, etc.
  • Performing background and quality control checks.
  • Understanding and preparing ‘nanny contract’ and clauses to be included in the contract.
  • Child raising expectations.
  • Alternative pick up contacts, recording emergency information, payment tracking, daily activities, development of the children and hours.
  • Nanny or daycare reviews.
  • Nanny raises and bonuses.

In a nutshell, the consultant helps parents in finding the best nanny or daycare that can accommodate their needs.