How Can Call Center Monitoring Benefit Your Business?

More and more call centers are realizing how essential it is to use KPIs and other call monitoring software & tools to collect data, analyze it and use it to give feedback to the agents for improvement. Lately, it has been realized that these call center support metrics don’t just help in improving the performance but also in improving the customer experience.

Wondering how? Well, this is what this article is for. Let’s, take a look at few of the points below to know how the metrics are beneficial for both the customers and the agents.

   Improved service quality-

Ameliorating the service quality of your call center is the basic idea behind using the metrics and monitoring the call center agents. Some metrics improve the quantitative aspect and some improve the qualitative one. But what metrics allow you to improve the quality of the call center support?

Let’s get to know them.

    First Call Resolution (FCR) – The callers expect to put least effort and get the solution to their problem as soon as possible. Hence, this is a great metric to improve the call center performance. As it promotes the practice of resolving the problem in first go.

    Call abandonment rate/ average wait time- The performance of your team in this metric allows you to understand the satisfaction level of the customers. No customer would like being put on hold or not picked. So, if this rate is high, you should try to focus on lowering this.

    Average time to respond- This rate lets you know the average time taken by your call center support agents to call back the callers whose calls were abandoned. Not calling back such customers become a serious reason for the drain in the demand of the product.

   Better customer satisfaction rate-

Clearly, when the quality of services will improve, the customers will also be happier with your services. This will improve the customer satisfaction rate. The best way to ensure the same is to improve the quality and the quality can be improved to a great extent by paying attention to the metrics mentioned in the point made above.

You can also take into consideration the average length of the call and net promoter score for a better idea of the efficiency of the agents and its impact on the customers.

   Reduces employee turnover-

Employee attrition rate is no less than an epidemic for call centers. Most of the time of call centers go in hiring the new agents because the ones working have left their job. This instability affects the performance of your call center support. Every time you hire a new agent, you have to work on grooming him from the scratch. Organize training session, rectify their mistakes etc. So, in order to reduce the turnover, you should try to retain the existing agents. A great step is to make them understand which qualities they lack or assign them the work they can do in the best way according to the qualities they have.

How to make agents cooperate in the process of call center monitoring?

For making it turn into a success, you must have the participation of call center agents. Let’s have a look at some points to know more-

   Don’t make it sound burdensome- the first reaction to this change would be a dismay. However, that is only because the agents think that this will act as an added burden for them. So, let them know that it is not as they think it to be and that it will help them improve their performance professionally. Assist them when needed instead of merely supervising them.

Make the work incentive based- To motivate your employees keep adding points in their score for better performance or for achieving a particular target with diligence. Make the goals clear in their mind and incentivize the performance.

The aforementioned points clearly tell you how vital it is to monitor the call center support team’s work. If you have yet not implemented these, do so and see the change.