How can one sell workout plans online?

How can one sell workout plans online?

Online fitness training is packed with huge potential. It does not just give you access to a broad pool of global clients but it also allows you to max out in-person sessions without crowding your schedule. 

With the global revenue of the online fitness industry expected to reach $3116.3 

million by 2024, more fitness trainers are investing in online training programs. 

If you are a certified fitness instructor you can earn a great amount of money by following your passion. 

No matter whether you are running your fitness studio successfully, selling fitness programs online for your clients is an added advantage. Taking fitness classes online is a great way to interact and engage with your clients outside the studio. Moreover, considering the recent Coronavirus pandemic where most businesses are forced to shut down, moving your fitness classes online has become a necessity

The major advantage of building a fitness community exclusively for your business is that you can virtually connect with them even in times of pandemics like these where you cannot run your normal classes. However, successfully running fitness classes online takes more than certification, it requires a carefully crafted business plan and serious efforts. 

Steps to selling workout plans online

In this digital world, it is difficult to find people who are not active online. This itself makes an online fitness platform a necessity if you are starting to sell fitness programs online.  

Ready to take your fitness training online? Let’s look into steps to selling workout plans online and how to grow your business and increase your sales. 

Build a follower base

Even if you are an experienced fitness trainer, you cannot just enter the fitness scene all of a sudden and expect your client to start signing up for your classes. 

They don’t know you and moreover you are planning to make an entry in an already overcrowded industry whether you might probably be competing with a celebrity fitness trainer. Hence, it is really important to spend time building a follower base through social media and other marketing techniques.

Considering the popularity and the number of users leveraging the platform, social media networks are the best place to start building a follower base for your online fitness classes. 

Using social networks, you can find your audience, connect with professionals, share exclusive discounts, and build a place for your community to engage.

You can also consider creating branded Facebook and WhatsApp groups to build personal relations. 

Additionally, you can also leverage live streaming to get exposure and engagement for your videos. 

A great idea to create content for social media is to have a theme for the day with a specific workout plan to go with it. Post the details of how you workout, show what motivates you, and show how easy it is for people to incorporate your online fitness training classes into their daily routine. 

Select a business model

The first step to sell fitness programs online is to have a business or revenue model for fitness businesses. A business model is a strategy that defines how you will generate revenue by selling workout plans online. 

It defines the types of audience you are selling your training classes to, the pricing of your classes, the cost to build and launch your services, and finally the value you are delivering to your client for the price they pay. 

One of the major components of a business model is the value proposition you are going to adopt to describe your fitness service. The value proposition is what distinguishes your products and services from other competitors in the market. 

Here are some of the commonly used revenue models of fitness training businesses. 

Membership model

The membership revenue model allows you to offer your fitness classes to your members for a recurring subscription that is paid quarterly, monthly, or even yearly. 

Your clients would be able to access your classes until the membership is valid. Along with the membership plan, you can get other benefits like exclusive offers, referrals, get a monthly subscription for free, redeemable reward points, etc. 

Pay per class

Pay per class business model is the one in which you allow your members to pay and access the individual classes. This is similar to buying a fitness DVD and getting access to the workouts. 

You can charge your members for the classes they attend and customize it according to the needs of your clients and your business goals. Offer your customers access to individual classes or group classes. 

Decide on the content strategy

After deciding on your revenue model, it is time to plan your content. Plan how to structure our fitness classes and schedule it for your customers. 

Start by choosing a niche which is your specific area of expertise and create your videos accordingly. By defining your area of expertise and your target audience, you can make your fitness classes more effective. 

For instance, you can provide the following type of fitness classes. 

  • Strength classes
  • Cross fit training
  • Yoga training
  • Holiday special workouts
  • Nutritional sessions
  • Fitness classes for busy schedules

Create your fitness training platform

To sell workout plans online, the first thing you need to do is to create and launch your fitness training site. To sell your fitness products and services to your customers, your fitness site is the 

The main place where you can engage your members. 

Before beginning, spend some valuable time to create and launch your fitness training class and make sure it is professional looking, simple-to-use, and functions perfectly. 

To sell your workout plans, directly to your clients, leverage a professional online tutoring software to build and launch your online fitness training platform.  Pinlearn is one such professional software integrated with functionalities like live streaming and interactive whiteboard to help you launch your online fitness training platform effortlessly. 

Demonstrate your personality

Most people like to train with fitness trainers they are familiar with, like, and trust. 

That is why it is important for you to demonstrate your personality throughout your online fitness classes. Besides your live personal training classes, create videos that allow your clients to see your personality and the workouts you follow. 

Consider recording short videos of 1 minute to demonstrate you discussing or showing something that you are passionate about. The key is to keep the video short, informative, and full of your vibrant personality. Show your potential clients how it would be to workout with you. 

Offer complimentary services

If you can successfully provide exclusive niche offerings, you can establish yourself as a prominent fitness brand in the industry. However, to sustain yourself in the market, it is worth offering complementary services to your clients. 

For example, you can provide custom meal plans to your members which is a great way to market your offerings unique and to make money. Provide custom meal plans that are specially curated and personalized for each client by taking into account their age, weight, lifestyle, and a lot of other factors. 

Right nutrition supports physical workouts so it’s important for you to offer information about how they can improve their diet. Prepare meal plans, demonstrate cooking techniques, and teach your clients how right nutrition helps you to stay hydrated, boost energy, and build muscle. 

Custom meal plans tend to take up more effort and time as it takes some for you to understand what works for each client. However, when implemented the right way with effective planning, you can make more money off of a single client. 

Promote your fitness training site

Even if you are using social media marketing to promote your online fitness training classes, you must have a well-defined marketing plan to take your fitness business to new levels. 

To drive good quality traffic to your fitness site, you leverage ebooks, videos, blogs, and live broadcasting to showcase your expertise with your clients and provide useful and relevant information that attracts the attention of your potential clients. 

The most effective method to improve your personal fitness training business is by providing season-related classes that your members would like to sign up for. 

Keep focusing on your business growth

If you are planning to launch your fitness business in a particular area of expertise, you must continually work on enhancing your fitness classes. Never stop even if you have reached a couple of goals. The key to prolonged success in the fitness industry is to constantly improve your offerings. 

If you don’t find focusing only on online fitness training to be effective, invest in a hybrid approach where you combine both offline and online classes. Offering a hybrid personal training strategy will help to meet the unique needs of l your clients. 


The increasing popularity and need for fitness training online classes make a great opportunity for fitness trainers to launch your fitness business online. Hope this blog gave valuable insights when starting out your fitness brand to expand your client base and take your business to new success heights. 

By leveraging the right technology and tools to power your online fitness training programs, you can successfully establish your prominent presence in the fitness industry within no time. 



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