How Farms Can Survive and Thrive in 2022

nutritional animal feed

The world of agriculture and animal rearing often appears sidelined in the modern world. National government industrial strategies usually favor producers of cars over producers of food, with investments in cutting-edge technology that won’t be of much use on the farmstead. But that’s not to say that this decade of development is leaving farmers behind. There are innovations and inventions to help farmers further optimize how they work – and engaging with them can help significantly increase productivity in 2022. Here’s how you can do it. 


The pasture and the cow shed might feel like the least technological places on Earth, but in truth they’re already being managed increasingly by technology. That’s not to say there are CCTV cameras and wires poking out of the ground, but there are a number of smart systems many farmers are beginning to engage with to know exactly when and how to operate their farm. From meteorological information to help farmers optimize activity with the weather, to tracking technology to help you know where your flock is at all times, new technology is one way that farmers are surviving and thriving in the modern era. 


One of the great stereotypes about farmers is that they have terrifically early mornings, and work until sundown. While this isn’t necessarily that far from the mark, the age of automation is helping relieve many farmers of the heavy manual labor workload that they’ve been used to for so many years. One brief example is the automation of tractors and other farm vehicles, which can now be run via GPS, in a self-driving manner. This saves farmers and their employees hours in the fields, helping them refocus on more pressing tasks. 

Animal Feed

For any individual raising livestock, huge importance is placed on what you feed the animals. If you’re giving your animals cheap feed, they’ll not tend to grow so strong and heavy. If you go for more modern, well-researched food options, they’ll grow healthily, producing a higher yield. One example of this is the nutritional animal feed produced by Naturafeed. Entirely plant-based and good for the environment as well as for your animals, this feed has been composed after research and development, which lends farmers a certain confidence that they’re using a premium and high-value product. 

New Crops

Finally, with the climate changing each year, there are signs that farmers in different regions across the world may be changing their crops to optimize the return on their fields. In more northerly latitudes, for instance, it’s clear that slightly warmer weather is rendering previously difficult crops far more easy to plant, nourish and harvest. Moving with the times like this, and checking to see the five-year or ten-year forecast for your land, could help you switch to a more profitable and more optimal crop in your fields. Doing so will help you stay ahead of your local competitors who may not yet have thought to change their crops. 

There you have it: four tips for farmers and those who grow and harvest to help them survive and thrive as we head towards 2022.

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