How To Choose The Correct Hanger To Carry Your Suits Perfectly

How To Choose The Correct Hanger To Carry Your Suits Perfectly

Clothes hangers ensure your garments are safe and neat without creasing the fabric. Keeping your clothes tidy and well-maintained requires you to be wise from the first step of the laundry process, ironing, and storage. Therefore, you must choose the ideal hanger for your clothes to ensure they are always in perfect condition. Clothes with light material and simple designs are sometimes easy to store and find the best hanger. 

Suits are unique clothing. They require exceptional treatment to keep them neat and in the proper condition. The last thing you can wish to imagine is to wake up one morning when you have a special appointment and find your best suit wrecked, damaged, or you can’t find it. Apart from a creased fabric, bacteria can also affect your suit. With this in mind, you need to know how to keep your suit in the proper condition by choosing the best hanger. 

This article will provide a simple and compressive guide on choosing the best suit hanger. 

Types of Hangers

Let’s first look at some hangers commonly used for different clothes. 

Wooden Hangers 

Wooden hangers fit any of your closets. They come in different designs for each type of clothing. Thick and curved hangers are perfect for jackets, suits, knits and sweaters, eveningwear, and robes. The curves of the wooden hangers will give your heavier jackets and suits the support they require and protect the form of your garments. 

Notched arm hangers are perfect for dresses and strappy tops, while those with moveable clips will be best for hanging skirts. You can use hangers with clamps or bars to keep your pants safe. If you are looking for the best suit hangers, Butler Luxury is well known for its high-quality wooden hangers, perfect for all your suits. 

Plastic Hangers 

Plastic hangers come in a range of styles, shapes, and colors. Smooth and heavy gauge plastic hangers are the best way to add colors to your closet. You can also look for hangers with notches to hang your tops and dresses and those with clips for pants and skirts. They are ideal for casual blouses, jeans, polo shirts, and t-shirts. Always check on the quality of plastic hangers before buying. 

Metal Hangers 

Metal hangers are known for their durability and different outstanding finishes. They are perfect for your coat closet, guest closet, and office reception. Since they are strong, they can sustain heavy weights. 

Cedar Hangers 

Cedar hangers can be used instead of plastic or wooden hangers. They come in different styles and sizes. They are perfect since they can protect your clothes from moths and moisture. Cedar helps in absorbing excess moisture and is a natural pest-repellent. Therefore, if you live where moisture and moths or pests are a problem, you can protect your suits using cedar hangers. 

Padded Hangers 

Padded hangers are the perfect choice for your evening wear or delicate knits. They come in excellent colors, adding an attractive look to your beauty. You can use your padded hangers to hang your special outfits, costumes, or jackets. 

Here Are the Best Suit Hangers

Zober Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers

These strong wood suit hangers have a 360° swivel hook. They have more comprehensive shoulder designs and curves inwards, making them ideal for hanging suits and maintaining their drape, shoulder shape, and collar. The counter shoulders mimic your neck and shoulder shape to give an excellent-designed look and prevent possible shoulder bumps. For extra support, especially to heavier suits, these hangers come with a zinc-plated hook, stainless steel, and a thick screw-reinforced crossbar. 

Fsuteg Hangers

These plastic hangers are strong and durable and can support your suit’s weight. They come in a pack of 50 hangers, each with an ideal measurement to keep your suit in perfect shape and condition. Some of the unique features of these hangers include; a sliver 360° swivel, four no-slip strips, and an accessory bar to hang your scarves and ties. These classic hangers will help you organize your closets and give them a distinctive look while protecting your suits. 

Mr. Siga Plastic Suit Hangers

Mr. Siga Plastic Suit Hangers are extra-wide plastic suit hangers. They are translucent gray and well-designed to keep your suits in perfect condition. They come with notches in the extra-wide shoulders that help to prevent your suit from slipping and falling. Other features include; 360° swivel hooks and mini hooks to help hold clothes such as ties and scarfs. They help prevent shoulder bumps by maintaining the shape of their collars and shoulders. 

Why Do You Need Suit Hangers?

Suit hangers are essential in storing your suits and keeping them in the proper condition. Shoulder and collar bumps affect the shape of your suit. Additionally, moths and moisture can seriously damage your suit. Therefore, to ensure the durability of your expensive cloth, you need a perfect hanger. Some hangers are well-designed to maintain the shape of your suit, while others, such as cedar hangers, provide additional protection to your suit. 

Further, hangers are a perfect way to maximize your storage space, mainly if you have limited space. They also help keep your suit neat and clean always. 

How to Choose the Best Suit Hanger


As discussed earlier in this article, hangers are made of different materials, such as wooden, plastic, or metallic. Therefore, the first thing you must consider when buying a suit hanger is the material. Hangers made of wire/metallic may not be ideal for your suits as they can cause damage, such as shoulder padding. They can also cause collar and shoulder bumps. Therefore, if you want the best hanger for your suit, you can consider wood hangers. 


Suit hangers are designed in different sizes. Therefore, you must choose a size that matches the contours of your suit. This is because the shoulders require adequate support along their full length. Otherwise, the material may start sagging.  


Suit hangers are either contoured or flat. Contoured hangers are perfect for your suits as the design tends to mimic the curve of your suit shoulder. This will help to maintain the shape of your suit. 


A variety of accessories accompanies suit hangers. These options allow you to make the right decision about a perfect hanger for your suit. Some of these added features include; velvet coatings, notches, cascading hooks, non-slip grips, and optional clips. These accessories give you an idea of a perfect suit hanger. 

Wrapping Up

Suit hangers play a crucial role in maintaining your well-designed suit. They help to keep your suit in perfect condition for a long time, making them look good for a long time. Since there are many types of hangers in the market, it is essential to learn how to choose the best. Therefore, always check the hanger’s size, material, and shape before buying.