How to Create Customised Content that will Stand Out from the Crowd?

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Many of the top elearning content development companies are now realising that custom elearning content development has a much better reach into the minds of the learner. A customised learning module is tailored to fit the branding values of a company and focuses on the needs of training for an individual company instead of being a one fit for all.

These custom elearning content development modules are also much better suited to an individual learner’s styles of learning and preferences that makes them more relaxed and promotes the entire learning experience. The template based courses used earlier though were less expensive and were much easier to develop. But do not produce the same retention and recall in the learner as a customised course thus making a custom elearning content development course cost effective in the long run.

This is because each company has a different style of learning, some learn better by watching the process, whereas others need more of a hands-on approach with basic help. A custom elearning content development lets the organisation decide which style of teaching will suit them the best. Although customised content is slightly more expensive, but the benefits they provide are much more than traditional elearning development methods. For instance, it is easier to upgrade these modules in the light of a new technology addition to the actual process and thus are a much inexpensive option for the long haul as their ROI on training is more.

The in-house team in any company is the best resource to create a customised content which will be most relevant but usually they do not have the time or the expertise to produce content. This is where the top elearning content development companies can partner to help gather this knowledge and present it in a suitable manner to help your team gain the most.

Choosing this partner should be done keeping in mind that the content is meaningful, engaging and authentic. It should also have some real time examples or an immersive scenario where the learner can connect with the situation and thus retain the learning better. One should also make sure that this content accurately conveys the values of your organisation and promotes your company’s image by keeping in line with the graphic branding requirements of your company.

The content also should have a personalised approach to teaching. Adding a simulation or scenario should be done only when necessary and not just to make the content vibrant. The focus should be on teaching and learning instead of plain old jazzing up. This is most important when an outside agency is involved and is working on your content. One must check closely the final content before turning it over for training purposes, for instance all the tools being used in a particular scenario that involves machine maintenance and its usage.

Similarly, for an organisation that encompasses the globe and has to take care and vary their training suited to the compliance regulations for each country or region, this customised training methodology suits the best. This custom elearning content development helps to easily modify and design regional courses that take care of the variations of the law.