How to find the perfect name for your blog?

After hours of wasted pondering and finalizing, to begin with, a blog, you’re now stuck with what name will suit best to your website? Name, for any blog or site or even a person is a must since it is your name by which people and the world will recognize you or your work. Your blog name, thus, should cover all the aspects required to identify it. Don’t worry; we have provided here a step by step guide to help you decide your blog name and get on with it without any delay. As myvu says, “pay close attention to your blog’s name before proceeding to the next step.”

  • Figure out your blog’s niche

The foremost and the primary step towards finalizing your domain name is figuring out what your blog is all about! Until and unless you decide upon what niche interests you and what will be showcased to the public, you’re not ready to become a blogger yet. And once you figure out your focus area, pick on something that suits your arena. Words that match up to your niche and gives a glimpse of your content to the readers are a great way to start with. Only then will you be able to gain traffic to your site.

  • Adjudicate your target audience

Once you’ve decided on your niche, you should now look forward to what kind of audience will your blog target? People tend to fall for services with which they can find their links attached to. Relatability is a critical aspect of this. Pick on words that help people easily connect with them to give them the impression that it is meant for them. Be careful about disseminating your emphasis while choosing keywords. Your name should be such that it attracts the attention of the target audience based on their age, location, interests, gender, income, career, etc. instantly and helps them relate to it.

  • Scout your blog’s tone

Every form of writing has a tone that needs to be presented wisely. The name of your blog should be such that it describes the tone and mood of the content you are offering. Be it nostalgic, warm, serious, or sarcastic, the name you fix upon must reflect your blog’s ideals. Make it clear to the readers, your voice, and the style of writing. They should be able to grab your intentions behind the writings, making a clear way out of what you’re trying to inculcate.

  • Check the viability of your Name

Make sure the name you choose is unique and stands out among the others in the market. Increase your market value by giving a profitable name to your site that attracts the reader’s eye. Use the name generator to help yourself, i.e., type various keywords in the search bar that relates to your blog and find out what suits you. Avoid using your own name as your blog’s name since it becomes very tacky and cheap. To help yourself workout with potential keywords, you may search for various synonyms or words that mean the same you wish to portray.

  • Check Availability

The most crucial factor that is a must to take into consideration is the availability of the domain name. Once you’ve decided upon the name, you must check it on other sites, whether it is available or already taken by another website. Choose a word that runs practicable for a long time.