How to Host a Successful Game-Day Party

Host a Successful Game-Day Party

We look forward to the weekends. We can turn work off and do the things we want to do such as checking our dividend aristocrats stocks or just watching the big game. As the week rolls around, no wonder we look forward to Fridays. 

Maybe you have decided having friends over will be fun. Having a game-day with friends can either become a total bore or a complete success. The difference will lie with your ability to make it all planned out ahead of time. Everything from gambling on the teams to the type of entertainment you provide can turn your gathering into an instant success.

Make It a Limited Amount of Guests

If you´re only able to seat a few guests, let’s say five, then keep your guest list to only five. By having adequate seating, your guests will be comfortable and not feel crowded. This is also important when cheering occurs and the need for space is needed. Make sure that only major fans attend and have them bring their team jersey so that the perfect game experience can be achieved. Keep in mind that your guests may want to invite others wh0 they like to chat with during a game, so you should use good judgment and plan accordingly. 

Keep the Alcohol Simple

Having some alcohol is not a bad idea among friends, and having their favorite beer or liquor available will take things up a notch during the game. Nothing says a good game-day party than having your favorite drink while watching your favorite team. For heavier drinkers, you can have whiskey and vodka available so that simple mixed drinks can be created.

Prepare Your Menu Accordingly

Have your appetizers available before the game starts and serve the main course during the game´s halftime. By providing at least two different types of appetizers and dishes, it will give your attendees an option without having them feel limited. You need to ensure that the appetizers will be plentiful until the main dish is provided as well as the main dish lasting until the end of the game. This will require you to have plenty of food prepared so that you don´t risk running out and making a run to the market. 

If possible, ensure that at least two plates per person will be available. Don´t worry about making too much because you will enjoy your leftovers as much as you did on game day. Plus, you will have fun enjoying the food with your guests regardless of them not eating it all up before they leave. You can take it one step further by creating a simple buffet where each guest brings their own food to share as a potluck. This will decrease the amount of food preparation you conduct.

Go Healthy With the Game-Day Food

Adding healthy alternatives will lead to healthy fans and who doesn´t like to be healthy? Plus, a healthy alternative can also taste as good as all others. The dips you provide can consist of a yogurt base or a hummus variation. You can remove the traditional chips for veggie sticks or even dehydrated fruit. Your barbeque wings can also be baked instead of being fried.

Have Everything Prepped Ahead of Time

Cooking may take a while on game-day so it may be a good idea to have everything done well ahead of time. Having only a little bit to prep prior to guest arrival is better than cooking as the game plays on and you miss out. Get all of the prep work done a day ahead such as chopping and shredding. If you cook burgers and you plan to use turkey meat, then they can be prepped and cooked the same day due to the minimal amount of time they take to be cooked. Avoid the traditional bar-b-que grill and cook everything on the stove in order to save extra time.

Bring In Extra Entertainment

Sometimes a game can become boring if a score does not occur for a while. Bringing in game-related entertainment can help keep the game interesting. This could involve having your friends make wagers based on the amount of completions a team obtains, a point spread, or even the number of penalties a team gets. When halftime comes around, have some other games available that won´t take much time to enjoy, such as a deck of cards that can help pass the time rather quickly.

Enjoy your weekend. Invite those friends over and let’s get the game started. Have fun!