How to Keep Your Mind Sharp in Retirement


Learning is easy when you are young. You learn all the time, from talking and walking to your last day in education. Even when you are working, you are still learning new things. However, once you have retired, you may not have as much opportunity to learn. New information is not presented to you freely, so you will need to find it for yourself. Here are some excellent ways to keep your mind sharp in retirement. 

Learn a New Skill

You are never too old to learn new things and the great thing is that, once you have retired, you have time to learn new things or take up new hobbies. You may have always wanted to bake cakes, draw still life, or crochet – well, now is your chance. It will keep your mind sharp and full of new information.


To keep the mind sharp, it helps if you keep your body sharp too. This doesn’t mean you have to try out for the next Olympics, but your retirement could give you the opportunity to take up golf or start playing tennis, for example. Yoga is also a great way to feed the mind, body, and soul. Exercising will blow away the cobwebs and keep you focused.  


Having a two-way conversation keeps your mind sharp because you are taking in information, processing it, and responding to what you have heard. This all takes place in a matter of seconds, so it focuses the mind. Make sure you stay in touch with friends and family once you have retired and try not to let yourself become isolated. Many people find that moving to a facility such as McKnight Place for Creve Coeur assisted living helps them to feel less isolated and lets their conversation and mind stay active. 


There are so many puzzles to choose from that it might be hard to know where to start. Word games such as crosswords or word searches will get you thinking. If you prefer numbers to words, then how about trying sudoku or going out with some friends for a game of bingo? Bingo is a fast-action game that involves quick thinking so it is an excellent way of keeping your brain sharp. If visuals are more your thing, how about getting stuck into a jigsaw puzzle?

Healthy Eating

Eating healthily is a must at all ages, especially if you want to keep your mind sharp. A balanced diet that includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables will help you to achieve this. Some food such as nuts, oily fish, and bananas are great for the brain as well as giving you energy and increasing your concentration. 

There are many ways to keep your brain active once you have retired. It may be the longest holiday you will ever take but that doesn’t mean you should relax your mind as well as your body. Follow these tips to keep your mind active in retirement.