How to Maintain A Cottage Style House?

Cottage Style House Plans.

When we talk about cottage size houses, they are bigger than the normal ones and are quite pretty too when it comes to their appearance. They look amazingly well and are much in demand which has resulted in increase in the cottage style house plans by the builders.   For the people who are influenced by the modern concept mostly opt for cottage size house plan. These houses require proper maintenance as they are huge. There are different varieties and options available to get you dream style of cottage house. Nowadays, a lot of companies have emerged in the market who offers different types of flooring ideas, wall options, minimal cabinets and many more.  So, it is very important to keep certain things in mind.

#1. Vacuuming of the house at least twice a week

If you are having a cottage style house plans, it shall bring with it major responsibilities which in itself is quite big, so you need to make sure you are prepared to take care of it too. You need to see that no dust stands. So, in that case, go for the proper vacuum of the house at least twice a week. By this, you can maintain the house and it will look neat and tidy too.

#2. Maintain the garden

It is very important to maintain the garden of the house. Your cottage will be surrounded by a beautiful garden, so you should see that you go for regular maintenance of your garden and water it daily.  You need to ensure that the soil is fertile, and all the nutrients are present in it.

#3. Get all the curtains dry cleaned

After two to three months you should get the curtains dry cleaned. It is important as the curtains hold dust which can result in the formation of bacteria and which can spread infection. So, go for the cleaning process. You can even wash the curtains. In the cottage style house plans, the numbers of rooms are more and preferably you cannot go for dry clean very often. So, in that case just wash them off and iron that properly.

Cottage Style House Plans

#4. See the condition of the doors

The bigger the house the more it requires maintenance. So, you need to keep a check on all the doors and check that the polish doesn’t get spoiled and they are in working condition. If they are pretty old, then paint them. Sometimes in cottage size house plan people put old doors just to reduce the costSo please take care of it and go for maintenance accordingly.

#5. Observe if any kind of blockage is there in the drains

When you buy a house, do check if there is any kind of blockage in drains. If there is any kind of blockage, get over with it as early as possible as it can disturb your whole sanitary system. This is an important aspect. You can also call a plumber if you see the problem is a serious one and it cannot be solved by self-care.

#6. Check the roof

Even though the house is beautiful, but you may still observe leakages at some point of time. So, in that case, take care of the roof and bring necessary changes. As it is the main shelter of the house, so it should be taken care of on a serious note. For the people who ignore it, they, later on, face quite big issues.

Thus, to conclude having cottage style house plans are easy but maintenance is quite difficult. So, take care of the house as it’s your home as otherwise little ignorance could result in big problems.

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