How to Make a Great Impression at a New Remote Job

Remote Job

Starting a new job is a nerve-wracking process. First, you go through the hardship of finding jobs to apply for, sending out your CV, waiting to hear back. Then it’s time for interview anxiety and the anticipation of checking your inbox every five minutes for that dreaded rejection email. When you finally land the job, an entirely new problem presents itself; how will you make a good impression on your new colleagues? All this is stressful enough without the added obstacle of working remotely, yet this is how many people are making a living nowadays. Here are a few tips to help you make the best impression at a new job while working outside the office.

Don’t Relax Yet
Just because you’ve passed the interview stage of recruitment and overcome all the previous challenges to receive a job offer doesn’t mean you can stop making an effort. In fact, if you’re not meeting your new team face-to-face, then it’s doubly important that you step up your game and prove how valuable a team member you can be.

Dress Appropriately
Even if you’re working from home at this new job, it’s important to be aware of the dress code and stick to it. Maybe more senior members of the team show up to video calls wearing a hoodie or graphic t-shirt, but as the new recruit, you must always put your best foot forward and dress well. Use The Halara Promo Code to find comfortable yet smart outfits for working from home.

Learn Good Video Conference Etiquette
It’s likely that most of the contact you have with your team will be through video calls, so it’s vital that you quickly learn the habits of a good video call attendee. Here are a few of the most commonly flouted unwritten rules:

  • Not muting your microphone when someone else is speaking – even if you think you’re being quiet, tiny sounds can create irritating audio feedback for others on the call.
  • Not turning on your webcam – this is impolite as it shows an unwillingness to share your expressions and reactions to the discussion.
  • Not checking your device before joining the call – technical difficulties are inevitable, but if you’re constantly apologizing for a poor Wi-Fi connection, then your team might start to lose patience.

Make an Effort with Names and Faces
Not everyone is naturally adept at putting names to faces, and trying to do this through a screen can feel impossible. Actively try to connect with people and adopt memory devices to help you keep track of who you meet. It makes people feel good to have someone remember them, which will leave them with a positive impression of you.

Behave as If You’re Going to the Office
Although your first meeting might be at nine-thirty and it’s tempting to stay in bed until five minutes before you absolutely must switch on your webcam, getting into a proper work routine will make you not only appear but actually become a more professional and reliable person. Just because you don’t need to commute doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a routine to help structure your day and create a healthy work-life balance.