How To Make Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup Tempting?

Chicken Tortilla Soup

The creamy and comforting chicken tortilla soup deserves all the praise. And to let that happen here is what you need to know.

In this blog, you will tell you all that it takes to make the instant pot tortilla soup extremely tempting and appetizing. From its variations to the vegetarian version, we have covered it all. So make sure you bookmark this blog for the next time.

The chicken tortilla soup is known for being loaded with tender chicken, fire roasted tomatoes, black beans, and smokey jalapenos. Even the Mexican flavor of the soup, which is worth dying for, also excites the most. Before we start with how to make this soup better than the last time you had it, here is a pro tip—

Always dress the chicken tortilla soup with cilantro, chess, squeeze of fresh lime, and serve it with crunchy tortilla chips for experiencing the most satisfying meal. Also, making a chicken tortilla soup recipe in an instant pot is much easier than the simple pressure cooker recipe so you should prefer that.

What is Tortilla Soup?

Tortilla soup is a traditional Mexican soup that is made with fried corn tortilla pieces submerged in a spicy broth of tomatoes, onions, garlic, chilies, and herbs. The soup consists of beans, chicken, pork, and many other types of meat. It is also topped with cheese, avocado, and sour cream.

When we talk about the instant pot chicken tortilla soup, it is made in the same way but the only difference is—

  • The instant pot uses less energy.
  • You get to dispose of the cooking oil.
  • There is no need to defrost
  • You require less water in cooking.
  • The cooker gets heated in less time.
  • Instant pots have insulted heat efficiency.


Apart from this, if you are running out of time then the instant pot is your only savior. So the next time you cook chicken tortilla soup, make it in an instant pot.

Variations to Chicken Tortilla Soup

You will find many recipes for chicken tortilla soup online. But here is what you never heard of.

After experimenting with the dish many times, we finally found various variations for the chicken tortilla soup recipe. Make sure you try all of these to know what tastes the most delicious to you.

  • There are many spices you might use in making the chicken tortilla soup. Consider replacing paprika with taco seasoning. Once you do this, there is no going back to paprika. Taco seasoning tastes the best in the soup. It adds more flavor to the soup.
  • If you are not fond of chicken, you can substitute it with any of your favorite meat. Many times people avoid making chicken tortilla soup because they believe it is only about chicken. Well, have you tried substituting chicken with your preferred meat? The soup will soon become your go-to starter at every dinner.
  • Squeeze fresh lime while serving. This needs no explanation. We all know what difference a single squeeze of lime can make when it’s done just before serving. It literally brightens up the flavors.

If you are planning to try a chicken tortilla soup recipe in the instant pot, you should definitely go for any of the above variations. Comment down below how your soup turned out.

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