How to Secure your Smart Devices from Hackers


Netgear Extender Setup helps you keep all your devices connected with each other to a network. But in today’s world of threat, everyone has a phobia that no one should enter into their home network and hack the personal as well as personal information. You might have burdened your networking system and all the smart devices with an extra strong password and firewall security. This step you have done just to secure your network, but what about your devices? What have you done to secure them? Do you know that hackers are getting their hands onto smart devices day by day? Many people become sufferers of crooks who have hacked their devices.

Don’t think that you have hid your devices in a cupboard or a purse means you have sheltered them from intruders and thieves. Hackers do not need a physical access; they just taint your device with malware and steal all your personal data. But don’t worry; it is now the right time to protect your elegant devices from snoopers.

6 safe and secure steps you must follow

  1. Always keep your phone protected from password– When the q get a free uestion comes at the safety of your smart device, you are supposed to lock your phone with a strong password, pin, or a fingerprint scanner (if needed) as is also known one of the best technique to secure your device. Also remember that as long as you build your password, the more you are securing your device with hijackers.
  2. Be cautious of Public WiFi- Everybody gets happy when they get a free (public) WiFi password. But we would like to ask, is it safe? Well no. Linking with unwrap network isn’t safe for your device as well from your network. Connecting with a public network, gives an open invitation to hackers for entering and accessing all your private data.
  3. Upgrading of Operating System– In case you see a pop-up on the home screen of smart device, don’t ignore just go with it. This feature will help and letting you know that there is an OS update available and you have to perform it. If you keep it aside, you will be soon be hacked by an intruder. So, timely update your phone. It is one of the easiest methods to protect your device.
  4. Read all the authorization carefully before the installation of any app– Before you give the best feature of any app to your device, make a tendency of reading its terms and condition thoroughly sooner than to accept anything and proceeding forward. There are lot many apps that access contacts and other private and confidential data after the process of installation. So it is very essential to go through and read all the permission carefully before giving any app to your Smartphone.
  5. Use the feature if Phone Trackers Capability on your phone– If your handset has such feature, then don’t ignore it and use it prudently as it will keep the intruders out of your home network and prevent your device from hacking. You just need to enable the tracking function on your phone. Once you have enabled the feature, you can see the location of your mobile on the map when it is on motion. When you lose your handset, the tracking feature will help you to get back your stolen device safely. By the use of this feature, you can also lock your device, which will make annoying and frustrating thing for hackers to unlock your device and to access your personal, professional and confidential data, photos, videos and a lot more.
  6. Netgear Genie- What you need to do is connect your router or a range extender with any of your smart devices with the help of an Ethernet cable. Once done, launch a web browser and in the field of address bar, type mywifiext and hit enter. Here, you just have to fill in the default security details of username and password and what next? Welcome to the home page of Netgear Genie Setup. This feature will help you control and repair the entire system of home network. Furthermore, it gives you full power on guest access and parental control and also creates a protected shield to keep intruders far away from your smart devices.

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