IELTS exam and IELTS coaching

The IELTS test means the International English Language Testing Services and this exam is conducted to test the linguistic skills of the students. They test the English proficiency of the students who belong to non-English speaking nation. It is managed by the British Council and was established in 1999. The test score of this test is valid for 2 years.  They test the students in the areas of writing, reading, speaking and listening.

IELTS coaching

The duration of the listening section is 40 minutes. The test is conducted for 2 hours and 45 minutes. It includes various sections such as academic reading, listening, general training writing, and speaking. The listening test section includes the recordings of English and the students should answer to the questions asked by the examiners. It includes four recordings and the first recording is the conversation between the two people. The second recording is a monologue that includes the social content. The third recording is a conversation between 4 people which is considered as training context. The last recording is a monologue of an academic subject.

The students should preferably join IELTS coaching because they should prepare for the above sections well.

Different sections of IELTS

For the listening section, the students should answer the questions on a piece of paper. They should listen to different accents such as British, American, Australia or New Zealand. The student should listen to the conversation between the two people and should answer the questions on a piece of paper. This section should be complete within 30 minutes. The student should present the test for every 10 minutes. They should attempt 40 questions.

Academic reading

They should attempt the section of Academic Reading. It includes three long texts that are extracted from journal, newspapers and magazines. This test is conducted for 60 minutes. They should answer 40 questions and they should read different passages that are written in various styles and presented in an interesting manner. They are provided with multiple tasks such as identifying information, matching the information, matching the sentence endings, etc.

General Training Reading

They should also attempt the section of General Training Reading and should answer 40 questions. This test is designed to examine the reading skills of the students. This section also includes identifying information, identifying the view of the writers, matching the headings and sentence headings, completion of summary, flow-chart completion etc.

Academic writing

The academic writing section comprises of 60 minutes. They include first and the second task. The first task is presented with a graph and a diagram for summarizing and describing the information. The second section includes an essay and the student should present the problem and the argument. The student should attempt 2 questions and the time limit is 60 minutes. The students are allocated 20 marks for every section.

So, a student should undergo rigorous IELTS coaching to pass the test. The student should be prepared to appear for this exam and clear both the oral and the written test. The online tutors provide valuable guidance to the students to write the paper in a systematic way. The students should present information in their own words and should score minimum marks in each subject. So, they should join online classes because the mentor even clears their doubts anytime and they are provided with the study material.