Important Questions To Ask When Cleaning and Preserving Wedding Dress

Important Questions To Ask When Cleaning and Preserving Wedding Dress

Preservation of wedding dress is an investment. It is very important to ask questions to the experts to know the preservation process that your wedding dress will undergo. After all, your wedding dress is one of the significant items you own. 

You spent an ample amount of money and time to plan and create your wedding dress. It has helped in showing the people the best version of yourself so it deserves the care it needs. Below are a few important questions to ask that can help you in cleaning and preserving wedding dress.


Experts said that cleaning the wedding dress is the most important step to preserve wedding dresses. In this process, stains, both visible and invisible, are removed to make sure that the fabrics of your dress are safe from the formation of unwanted brown stains. 

1. Should my wedding dress be dry-cleaned or wet-cleaned?

There are two kinds of cleaning methods – dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Each method is used depending on the fabric of your wedding dress and its stains.

Dry cleaning is often used to remove oil-based stains such as food oils. This type of cleaning is the most commonly used by preserving wedding dress cleaning companies. It uses chemicals to remove the stains on the wedding dress. 

When using this kind of method, it is highly suggested that the cleaner should be extra careful as the chemicals used are harsh and might damage the fabric and embellishments of the wedding dress.

In contrast, wet cleaning is used to remove water-based stains such as sweat and food sauces. Wet cleaning uses water to remove stains instead of chemicals. This method is good for synthetic fibers since cleaners will have to rub the fabric to remove the stain.

2. Is dry cleaning better than wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning does all the job when it comes to removing stains from your wedding dress. It leaves no chemical behind and the water flushes the residue. Meanwhile, dry cleaning has also a few benefits. With dry cleaning, it is less abrasive since it will not involve harsh rubbing and rinsing on the fabric resulting in less wear and tear. 

However, the experts need to be extra careful when using the chemicals as too much of it can result in fabric and embellishment burning. 

3. How much does cleaning a wedding dress cost?

Wedding dress cleaning and preservation costs vary from one company to another. Each cleaning company offers different services that are best suited for your wedding dress and budget. When you bring your wedding dress to the cleaning company, experts will examine its fabrics, embellishments, and the level of staining it has. The luxurious the fabrics, the more expensive the cost of the cleaning. Cleaning a wedding dress can range from $300-$600. 


The preservation process is quite difficult because your wedding dress will go through delicate steps to ensure that it is ready for storing and preservation. There are a lot of companies that offer different wedding dress preservation kits. Each kit is designed to suit the needs of your wedding dress. 

1. How should I store my wedding dress?

There are different ways in storing your wedding. It can be through boxing or hanging. Boxing is the most common form of storing the wedding dress. Your dress is folded and wrapped in acid-free and colorless tissue before it is stored in an acid-free and airtight storage box. 

Meanwhile, hanging is the least desired storing method by fabric experts. In this method, your dress is hanged using a padded hanger and wrapped in an acid-free garment bag. This is least suggested because hanging a wedding dress for a long period may destroy its seams. Hanging is only applicable for wedding dresses that do not weigh heavy.

2. What are the materials used in the wedding dress preservation box?

Before purchasing the box to be used in storing your wedding dress, it is very important to know the materials it is made of. A good preservation box is made of acid-free and sturdy cardboard. The lid for the box should be airtight to avoid moisture and pests from coming inside the box. Colorless and acid-free tissues or muslin wrap should be included as an added protection to your wedding dress.

3. How much does the wedding dress preservation kit cost?

Wedding dress preservation kits can range from $250 to $750. It can even cost as high as $1000 depending on the services you purchased. Most companies offer both the cleaning and preservation process that comes with the kit to save costs. This is much helpful especially for those who are tight on budget.

The cleaning and preservation process of your wedding dress can be quite a handful because of the delicate steps. You must be knowledgeable about this so that you will know what will happen to your precious wedding dress when cleaned and preserved.