Installing Solar Panels at Your Home

Installing Solar Panels

Buying and installing the right solar panel is a significant decision. Moreover, precise measurements, complete knowledge about the product, and how it can fulfill your requirements are particularly critical areas you must consider. 

While several experts are happy to advise prospective solar panel buyers, we have discussed below a few crucial factors before you install solar panels at your home-

How often will you reside in the same house?

It takes at least 5-6 years for the investment in solar panels to pay off. While the energy costs will be lowered automatically, the panels and their systems will not be inexpensive. So you can expect the overall expense to be very high. 

If you plan to stay in the same house for a very long time, it’s a smart choice to invest in solar panels. But, if you are an individual who’s always on the go often adjusting to new locations, then think about other options, such as turning light bulbs into LED bulbs in your home or installing sensors. 

How much energy do you need?

Naturally, households require varying amounts of energy based on the number of appliances being used and people residing there. You can find a variety of solar panels for home use available in the market as per your needs. Just ensure that you have full details on your energy consumption and you should be able to find the perfect solar panel for your needs. In general, the scale of a structure is calculated by two factors:

  • Insolation 
  • The necessary energy 

Track your power bills, measure how many kilowatts of electricity you are consuming on average, and multiply that figure by 0.25 to understand the area of the solar panel required to produce enough power for your house.

Type of the roof

Your roof is an important element to consider when mounting solar panels on your house. Since all houses have different roofs, some areas are not appropriate for quick solar panels deployment. However, all types of roofs are considered ideal for solar panel installation once your house meets the desired requirements. In tricky cases, mounting these panels will take a little more work and added costs. 

The Issue with Spanish Tiles

Some firms only put up carbon shingles with house solar panel systems that fail to work on Spanish tiles. If your house features a roof with Spanish tiles or traditional wood shingles, then you can hire experienced professionals to install the solar panels on specific rooftops.

Price range

Future consumers of solar panels are worried about the range of costs. Considering that solar panels are functional, there is a surge in their demand and production. They are not cost-effective, which is a huge hurdle. Since the beginning of 2011, the price of solar panels has plummeted by 60%, and this development will remain persistent. 

Add up the panel price to government and local tax incentives, and you may have to pay around $17,000 as the initial charge.


The number and the form of panels that you will use are very critical for deciding the amount of energy generated from direct sunlight. The area of solar panel installation is the main factor. At the same time, the presence of buildings and trees can also affect your panel’s sun exposure significantly.

Different panels have various shadow reactions – while some panels might decrease energy production, there are some that shut down completely in case of shadows. The longer the panels are open to absorb the sunlight, the more energy is generated efficiently. 

The duration of the proposal

If you are a busy professional, note that the whole construction cycle of solar panels will require a little bit of your free time. The wiring and construction usually take a few days; however, it will take up to a few months to finish the entire project from the moment you have signed the contract. 


Before mounting solar panels at your home, it is recommended to be aware of the necessary materials needed and also apply for the important building license. You can be charged if you have an invalid construction permit. 

Pick the best company

Look for practitioners who have good contracts (at least ten years), certificates, bonds and have no significant grievances. This knowledge will be accessible online free of charge. Recent consumer reviews are something you can consider checking.


It is important to get an idea of the key factors involved in the installation of solar panels for your home. Hire professional services to make the most of the solar panel installation project for your home. When you do so, you get to learn a few maintenance tips from the experts.    

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