If you own and iPhone, here’s why you must consider paying for a smartphone insurance.

 iPhone protection plan

With advanced features and slimmer design, Smartphones are getting complicated every year. Gone are times when you could check “under the hood” of those boxy phones. If you have a Smartphone, no matter whether it’s refurbished, new, or used, it is necessary to invest in insurance.

A standard iPhone protection plan will cover everything that you may expect from insurance – liquid spills, cracked screens, and so on. Below is a quick overview of smartphone insurance for every mobile user who hasn’t considered the idea yet.

How does Smartphone insurance work?

Smartphone insurance is offered by third-party services, who partner with both authorised service centres and regular repair stores, to offer comprehensive services. If you have insurance and your mobile is damaged, the concerned insurance provider will pay for the repairs, provided the cause is covered in the policy. The claims process, at least with most known and reliable services, is a simplified one, and you can expect to get assistance often on the same day.

Filing for a claim

If you have placed a claim, the service will first confirm it for approval. As the will approve it, you will get a shipping label on your provided email address. Your device will be checked for all quality aspects and will be shipped back to you typically within 1 business day of arriving at the service depot. In case of the same day repair, the service will authorise you to repair your item at one of their local authorised centres.

How to choose Smartphone insurance?

While many services offer Smartphone insurance, not all the same. Initial homework always comes in handy. Start by checking if the insurance company covers for all kinds of devices, including used and refurbished ones. Secondly, check the number of claims that can be made in a year. In general, Smartphone insurance is offered for a year or two and you have to update it accordingly for future benefits. Malfunction and accidental damages of most kinds can be covered with Smartphone insurance, although it depends on the service you choose.

For instance, some services offer iPhone insurance coverage for cracked screens, but the damage caused by natural disasters won’t be covered. Some Smartphone insurance companies do offer a replacement phone against your damaged one, which could be an added advantage.

In conclusion

If you have an expensive Smartphone, paying for insurance is never a bad idea. Considering that many people are prone to dropping their phones now and then, or end up using more roughly than others, the cost of Smartphone insurance is always worth the money. Typically, you would be spending a very few approx. $70 a year, which is pretty standard, keeping in mind that expensive or even half-decent phones are priced over $600-$800.

Check online now for Smartphone insurance options, find more on what is included in the price, and don’t shy away from paying a tad more for a better-known and reliable insurance company.