Is online shopping more fun and Engaging than in Store shopping

Modes of shopping-Shopping have become an essential part of every one of our lives, whether it be necessities or other commodities. There are two modes of shopping methods available for the people: in-store or offline shopping, and another method is online shopping. Earlier, only one way of shopping was general, and that was the offline mode of shopping. But from last decade the online mode of shopping from online stores came into play and now it is the most used mode of shopping in the whole world. 

There is a lot of debate in the comparison of online shopping vs. in-store shopping. When we talk about online shopping vs. in-store shopping, the online shopping obviously has the upper hand over in-store shopping. Online shopping has way more benefits in comparison to offline shopping. So clearly, the debate about online shopping vs. in-store shopping is very easily won by online shopping. Online shopping is way more engaging and exciting when compared to offline shopping. And the buyers get a wide range of varieties and products to buy, whereas, in offline shopping, they do not get this much variety. 

In-store shopping or online shopping?

Shopping online vs. in-store shopping has so many benefits and disadvantages also. Both have their advantages, and at some stage, both have a disadvantage even over each other. Although online shopping has many more benefits than in-store shopping, and no-one can say no to this fact. When we talk about variety and range, online shopping has both of them, but in-store shopping only has one. 

In-store shopping they have a lot of variety then the range of the product will be definitely high. Whereas when we talk about online shopping, the buyers get both wide varieties of products and at a very affordable range. In online shopping, the buyer can see the reviews of the products, and if the reviews given by other buyers are good, then he/she can purchase it. But when we talk about in-store shopping, the buyer does not get this facility, and the buyer needs to take all the decisions at risk.

Shopping statistics- 

There are so many statistics on online shopping vs. in-store shopping; where one mode has emerged as a popular choice among the consumers, another mode has established more trust and uniformity. As in in-store shopping, the buyer has the option of so many shops selling similar products. Similarly, they have choices in online stores also. 

There are many online shopping store websites globally, and every website is trying its best to attract customers. And in so many aspects all these websites have managed to attract so many customers towards it as research shows that more than 60 percent of the people are buying products online and the graph is increasing every year. 

The sales of nearby stores have gradually decreased, and it is decreasing continuously as the days are passing by. These sites are trying every possible strategy to gain customers and increase their sales. Most people are purchasing commodities online as they get everything at a lower rate compared to offline mode. In 2020 the sales of e-commerce websites increased a lot due to the pandemic, and the percentage of people buying products online grew to 63 percent.

Pros and Cons-

When we talk about online shopping vs. in-store shopping pros and cons, there are many pros of online compared to in-store shopping. In online shopping, the buyer doesn’t need to go anywhere to purchase the product, he/she needs a mobile phone or laptop, and they can book their products there. They will get every commodity on their doorsteps if they purchase it online. 

Pros of in-store shopping are that the buyer receives the product immediately after purchasing it. In contrast, online shopping cons are that the buyer has to wait for a few days for his/her product. The con of in-store shopping is that the buyer needs to go to these shops and then buy their product. Cons of online shopping are less than that of in-store shopping, and the benefits of online shopping are more than in-store shopping.

Which one is the best?

There is a lot of comparison going on offline vs. online shopping, and it is said that online is extremely convenient compared to offline shopping. The services of online shopping are outstanding, and they always try to satisfy their customers. Whereas offline shopping services are not satisfying for any of the customers, and thus their sales are decreasing drastically. 

The best way these e-commerce sites are using to increase their sales is customer engagement, but offline shops cannot engage their customers. And because of this, the graph of online shopping is growing, and offline shopping is decreasing. The online stores are spending so much money on advertising about themselves to attract customers. Offline stores are not at all advertising about their stores, and due to this, they cannot attract the customers properly. 

Although the debate on online shopping vs. offline shopping is never going to end, some people prefer to buy products offline. But the number of people buying products online is much more than people purchasing offline. And the research also sums up the whole debate, but some people are still not ready to understand this. 

The sales which are being put by the e-commerce websites have gradually increased their customers more. The offline stores never put in such deals, and thus the customers do not get attracted towards the stores. The online shopping websites make their customers advertise about themselves indirectly and thus increasing their sales. Every kind of products from healthcare items to home and kitchen products are not being shop online from global stores. Ease and comfort those stores provide has replaced an urge to shop in the store for people.

They reward their customers if the customers share the link to the products. But no such tactics are being used by offline stores, but they should use some tactics to increase their sales. But from the results of all the research, it is quite clear that online stores will definitely be used more than offline stores in the near future.