Keep Home Smelling Good With Amazing Home Fragrance Range at Lifestyle

Keep Home Smelling Good With Amazing Home Fragrance Range at Lifestyle

Keeping home smelling fresh, floral and fruity gives off a very lively feeling. After all who doesn’t love a nice and warm smelling house? This culture is very famous among the gulf coast and you won’t be surprised to find homes at UAE smelling good. The art of home fragrances has evolved in the years. It started with burning sulfurs, later evolved to Oudh and then oil burners and incense sticks. Now there are various innovative ways you can keep your house smelling amazing with the help of Potpourri, aromatic oils, diffuser, and scented candles. Lifestyle has a wide variety in home fragrances, and with Lifestyle promo code you can avail of these fragrances at an incredibly affordable price.


Potpourri is an amazing way you can keep your house smelling good. This French-inspired home fragrance is getting widely famous and consists of a mixture of dried flowers, plants, spices, and wood shavings. This gives off a very subtle and natural smell in the house. Apart from making the house smell fresh, it also acts as a perfect decorative piece because of the pot (bowl) it comes with. In case the smell starts lowering down, you can also get sent sacks to make the scent last longer. Use Lifestyle promo code and get the best bet of potpourri.

Aromatic oils

At Lifestyle, you will be able to find a wide range of aromatic oils and essential oils. The aromatic oils have a mixture of synthetic and natural fragrances and their sole purpose is to make your house smelling good. Whereas the essential oils are a mixture of natural oils that are usually planted and flower based. These oils don’t only make your house smell good, but they also help in providing warmth, helps humans to calm down because of their natural properties and also helps eliminates different types of allergens that might be present because of the seasonal change. How to use these oils for home fragrance? Simply pour a few drops in the diffuser which will give off a great smell and also act as a humidifier. With Lifestyle promo code you can avail of this diffuser at a very reasonable price.

Scented Candles

The most famous home fragrance is scented candles. Scented candles are wax mixed with natural and synthetic oils and flavorings extract, and they give off a smell as the wick burns. Not only are they extremely popular among households, but it turns out they are the best gift one can give to anyone on their birthdays, anniversaries, or even celebrations on small success. At Lifestyle, you will find different designs and types of these scented candles. The most famous is the one in jars with three wicks. They have a gorgeous smell that ranges from floral, citrus to candy infused, brownies and chocolate flavors. Other famous designs of scented candles are the ones in flower shape or with different patterns embossed on them. With the help of Lifestyle promo code, you can purchase different gift boxes and sets of scented candles for your friends, family members, colleagues, and loved ones.


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