Know How Can You Check CIBIL Score Online?


Nowadays everyone is overloaded with office and home works at that moment if anybody provides online services, then it’s the best thing for you. You can do anything, from the shopping to check CIBIL score online. There is no issue you can login the site with own User ID and password and calculate.

Your concern is how to check CIBIL score online? Don’t worry, for that need to open official site and operate it. You can check credit score by PAN card or site the choice is yours and convenience.

If you want to check instantly, then open the official site. Need to follow these steps.

  • Visit the official site
  • Date of birth as per PAN and name
  • Fill in your details according to the form requirements
  • Share residence proof, identity proof, and contact details
  • Registered email ID or mobile number
  • Answer few questions, which related to the previous balance record, expenses or any pending amount
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • And finally, click on submit button

If all shared information is according to the requirement, then within a day after verification they drop a confirmation on registered email ID.

Let’s check credit score by PAN, need to follow below pointers.

  • Enter your name and date of birth as per PAN
  • Upload KYC, identity proof, and contact details
  • Share registered email ID or mobile number
  • Answer the previous record, balance, or expenses related questions
  • Accept terms and conditions, click on submit button

What Is The Range Of CIBIL Score And Why It Is Important To Know?

The range starts from 300 to 900. You can check CIBIL score online through their sites. Let’s find out each scores importance.

300 CIBIL Score: It shows you are not able to get anything financial help from the lenders. With this score, you are automatically out of the zone.

Range 450 to 500: Need to improve your activities such as on-time payment, know the dues and all.

550 to 600 Score: You will get a chance but need to recover the points.

650 to 700 Score: You will get approval in few banks but with fewer benefits.

750 to 800 Score Calculation: It’s a satisfactory point and can get a credit card or a loan with a great deal.

850 to 900 Credit Score: It shows you know the utilization of the product and also payment, repayment, and payback on time without any extra charges.

If you know the ranges and the calculation importance, then nobody can put you on defaulter list.

What Is A Quick Improvement Procedure Of CIBIL Score?

The procedure is simple you can keep in mind few points, and that can help you to improve the points.

  • Should payback all the outstanding on time, without any delay
  • When you know the due date of your utility bills, then make payment on time
  • Always try to monitor own scoreboard, so that you know where are you lacking and where you need to control yourself
  • Less utilization of the credit card beneficial for you
  • And try to make repayment, payment, and other bills on time or either before the due date