Latest Technology That Makes Pool Cleaning Easier

Pool Cleaning

Summer season is synonymous with relaxing by the pool to beat the heat in style. But given our hectic lifestyle, we get very little time to keep our pool clean. In such a backdrop, we have assembled a list of tech gadgets that can help in the proper maintenance of your backyard oasis:

  •       The pump can surely be termed as the heart of your swimming pool. If you wish to maintain high water quality, then you should keep the pool pump operational 24*7. Latest advances in pump technology are offering models having variable speed motors which rank high in terms of energy efficiency. As a result, you can keep the pool water flowing without adding to your electric bill. The pump’s speed can be controlled by dialing up to power spa jets or dialing it down when the pool is not in use. A unique thing about variable speed pumps is that they can be connected with pool automation systems for programming the pump speed as per your requirement.
  •       If you thought that natural sunlight is enough for the pool maintenance, then you are deeply mistaken. The latest in pool tech is offering UV systems that emit a powerful ultraviolet light for traveling through the pump system and destroying all bacteria, viruses, algae, and other organic matter which are infamous for contaminating swimming pools. This UV light system replaces the traditional usage of chemicals which can be detrimental to your pool’s overall health in the long run.
  •       The pH levels of your swimming pool water change when debris blows in or it rains. Adding some water using the garden hose can also meddle with your pool’s chemical composition and you need to take up the tedious and repetitive task of balancing its chemical composition. Various modern manufacturers are offering systems that optimally balance your pool’s chemical levels by automatically monitoring and adjusting the same. Buying pool chemicals might feel very heavy on your pocket. Purchasing these systems can bring along massive savings in the long run.
  •       Pool owners mostly use telescopic nets for removing debris floating in the pool. However, advancements in automated pool cleaning systems allow in-floor cleaning by employing low-profile fixtures that function as an automated sprinkler by driving down all debris out of the pool. Then there are robotic cleaning systems that impart deep cleaning and sweeping by traveling all around the pool.
  •       While most modern pools come with an automation system, you can also have them installed on an existing pool. Just as the name suggests, the automation system offers one-touch control over the pool so that you can switch on and off the light, pool pump, and similar features at designated times. The pool can be programmed either through the automation unit or remote control. Modern manufacturers are offering automated systems that can be accessed using your computer or smartphone.


The technical advancements listed above have made pool maintenance pretty easy. However, if you wish to get professional help, then you can seek the assistance of chandler hoa management companies