Linux VPS Hosting vs Windows VPS Hosting: Which one should you choose for your enterprise?

Linux VPS Hosting vs Windows VPS Hosting: Which one should you choose for your enterprise?

Websites are proliferating day by day in the internet ocean. Domain names are sold like hot cakes in the market. People are booking all kinds of website names in advance to avoid selling out. The extension at the end of the websites like .com has expanded to unthinkable names like .like, .live etc., It is to be noted that these names do not have an end and they are infinitely more. At the end of the day these names are just numbers and IP addresses.

What is website hosting?

Whenever one enters a website name in the address bar of their internet browser. It remains a name for just the Adhoc time till you press enter. After that it changes to an IP number like These numbers are assigned by the internet service provider for that website. Every internet service provider has a DNS server which is like a yellow page of the internet. This is what converts the website name to the IP. Once you are on the website, it means you are directly in the system of the website hoster. For example if you are downloading a file, you are downloading it directly from the website hoster’s system. The webpage is just an interface for easy access.

Types of website hosting available

There are many types of website hosting methods depending on your usage, budget and client needs. VPS is one type of hosting, it stands for Virtual private server. The word virtual conveys that the server is not hosted directly by the client. All the data is given to a third-party service provider and it is designed and maintained by the contractor. Why VPS in the first place? Companies play in the VPS sector are created specifically for hosting and they have good experience in the field. They have multiple servers worldwide and can reduce the latency of the website. They also employ frameworks against DDoS attacks which is an added bonus in this age of hacking.

VPS in the Linux or Windows?

After deciding on the VPS mode of hosting, you have to decide on the type of VPS – Linux or windows? Both the hosting modes are equally popular and have their own perks. You know Linux and Windows Operating Systems are completely different and so does their hosting methods too. Windows VPS has a high degree of familiarity to use compared to the Linux operations. On the other hand, Windows is proprietary and it comes with pre-licensing fees and yearly renewal of them. Linux which is open source is free from licensing costs.

Technical aspects to consider

If the website to be developed in ASP or ASP.NET then windows VPS environment is the best to do. It also extends if you need to have MS SQL. On the contrary if you are doing it in PHP or My SQL, then the Linux VPS is the best solution. ideastack is the right place to clear your queries and start your business.

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