Mabthera 500mg: The Complete Solution

Mabthera 500mg The complete solution

MabThera is a solution which is made to be dropped in to a vein. It contains rituximab which is said to be an active substance. MabThera is usually used to cure lymph tissue cancer among adults, lymphocytic leukaemia and rheumatoid arthritis. It slows down the pain to the joints and improves the ability of daily functioning. Mabthera 500mg is an FDA approved drug.

MabThera is also used in a combination with chemotherapy in patients whose disease has reappeared or who are having treatment for the first time. MabThera 500mg should be given under strict supervision of a trained and experienced doctor from the field. The environment should be flexible enough so that the patient can be revived anytime. It is a biological immunotherapy used to cure certain types of cancers.

Mabthera 100mg and Mabthera 500mg

MabThera which constitutes of active substance, rituximab is a type of protein (or antibody) which is designed to attach to specific structure of cells of the body. During tests it was witnessed that the patients receiving MabThera lived approximately an average of 25.9 months without reappearance of the disease and those patients whose disease had come back after any other previous treatment responded to MabThera 500mg in a much better way and lived for an average of 42.2 months without the diseases deteriorating.

Though it is safe if taken in a proper and precautionary manner, some of the most common side effects of MabThera are viral and bacterial infection, bronchitis, neutropenia(which means reduction of neutrophils), leucopenia, reactions with respect to infusion, nausea, rashes, fever, chills, headache. The most common side effects witnessed are headache, respiratory infections, and urinary infection. It should be taken according to the prescribed duration and amount.

As Mabthera 500mg is an antibody, it can pass the placenta and can affect the baby, so a lady who is pregnant should avoid using it. It can also get into breast milk, so it is prescribed not to feed the baby during the duration of the treatment.

MabThera should not be prescribed to people who are allergic to rituximab, which is the core element of it. It should not be practiced in patients who are suffering from an infection or have a weak immune system. Patients who have severe heart disease should also not use MabThera.

It should be stored out of the reach and sight of children. It should be kept in a refrigerator and away from the sunlight. It should be disposed of properly and not with household waste.