Make A Client’s Every Dream Event A Day To Remember, With These Traits

Make A Client’s Every Dream Event A Day To Remember, With These Traits

People celebrate success, breakthroughs, achievements, survival, memories, and just about anything, big or small, that remind them of their talents, skills and capabilities. These moments would always be deemed special by the celebators; and as an event planner, you are responsible for making a celebrant’s event extraordinary, regardless how often the same event is celebrated, more so when it’s a once in a lifetime experience. So double check if you possess the traits of a professional event planner in order to make a client’s event an experience of a lifetime to remember.

An Active Listener, A Strong Communicator

A professional event planner actively listens to his client’s every word being said to obtain information on what the client wants to happen in the event, and understand how that very special day would turn to be one of the most memorable in his life.

Given all the event planning experience you have gained throughout the years however, is not an assurance that you will be able to capture all the details on the conversation. A study even showed that we only retain 25 – 50% of the information we hear, so it is best to build the habit of, may sound amateur, but yes, jotting down notes during your meeting with clients like event motiff, venue and event rentals; and never hesitate to ask questions in order to achieve accuracy.

You can never assume a wedding couple to just nod and accept changes in the details of the wedding ceremony like have white roses on the church aisle on their wedding day instead of their preferred lilies without their consent, just because your florist ran out of stocks. Communicate everything with your client, upgrade, changes, downgrades, exchanges, transfers and just anything that was not mentioned and agreed during your meeting, but which needs to be included or excluded in the event.

So, build a high level of self awareness by understanding your own communication style to make way for you to create people skills, and of course, a lasting impression with your clients.

Flexible, And With Efficient Time Management Skills

A flexible event planner is able to cope with changes in circumstances and can outline problems and tasks methodically, but most especially, creatively. One who can easily tweak attention without getting affluttered in midst of tasks.

Apart from being able to have a will to face uncertainty, adaptable people amiably grow with change, foregoing what you currently believe in and accept something new would work out fine, otherwise, you will stagnate. Remember that your past successes will not define your goals today. Think, and even look outside the box to see other, or even better options to be able to explore new horizons.

A client may call for a final meeting for an event at 3 pm, Tuesday, however an emergency meeting at their office came up which lasted until 6:30 pm. This would mean moving your whole afternoon and evening schedule in order to adjust to the client’s necessities to change. ‘The customer is always right’ may be an old cliche, but still works magic for people who are open-minded, take challenges as opportunities and keeps a systematic workflow without being pressed by time or circumstances.

Passionate, And Compassionate

Passionate event planners do not simply plan and implement an event, but one who creates memories and experiences for a birthday celebrator or a wedding couple.

You are an entrepreneur, and you know very well that your business’ type of customers come from different walks of life, with varied characteristics and preferences, which means a one-size-fits-all workframe will not come off successfully. You need to show compassion to your clients, by customizing every project based on their personal choices, timeframe and budget.  

If you work solely for finances sake, then you are a mere event organizer. Being a professional event planner, you must be involved in the client’s deeper definition of shouting cheers while toasting glasses for hitting annual targets or a parent’s blowing a number 1 candle on a cake for their daughter’s 1st birthday – celebrations of life that would not only come to pass, but rather leave a lasting memory.