Market-Leading Trendy Features Of Our Gojek Clone App 

Market-Leading Trendy Features Of Our Gojek Clone App 

The Gojek Clone App is enriched with multiple features meant to offer customers the best shopping experience. With this app, rather than wasting half of their time driving to the physical store or shop to get stuff, customers can simply place orders online. Also, they track it until it reaches their doorstep.

Tracking the order isn’t the only feature available on this application. Numerous features make the entire app a trending and advanced platform. 

Let’s explore a few features that will take your app’s user experience to the next level. 

Ultra-modern Gojek Clone App Features 

App features are very important. They are one of the ways your app is “identified” by customers. Thus, when you integrate some of the top-class, trending features that your customers want, into your app, people will come to you! 

Listed below are some advanced features of the Gojek Clone App.  

Video Call with Delivery Driver 

To enable users and delivery drivers to communicate properly with each other, the app allows them to connect via the video call option as well. 

Along with the voice call option and text chat, users or delivery drivers can now choose the video call option by tapping on the “Camera” icon.

One-click In-app Wallet Balance Top-up

Users and providers can now easily top up their in-app wallet balance with a single click. Let’s say that the users want to use their credit card to top up the balance. 

They can add a new credit card or simply choose an existing one for the purpose. The user now needs to go to “My Wallet” and click on the “Add Money” option. On the popup that appears, they can choose or enter the amount they want to add and proceed with the payment by clicking on “Done”. 

That’s how simple it is to top up the balance. Moreover, the credit card information the user adds to the app is not stored in the app or its database. This sensitive information is stored in the payment gateway’s safe vault. 

New OTP-based Signup 

Gone are the days when people used to sit for minutes and enter all their personal information to register with the app. Today, no one has the time or the patience to register with an app that has such a long-format procedure. 

Thust the Gojek Clone App integrates the new signup feature where users can register with OTP authentication. 

The first step of this signup process requires the user to enter their mobile number and then choose to create the account using: 

  • Facebook 
  • Google
  • Face ID/Fingerprint

Next, they can create the password if they want or simply enter the OTP sent to their mobile number. Further, the user can set up their account by entering their full name, email ID, and referral code (if they have any). 

18+ Age Confirmation 

This feature ensures that minors are not able to purchase alcohol using this application.

Here, any user who’s buying alcohol online first needs to verify their age by uploading their identity card as proof. This is not only applicable to alcohol but to all the items that require the user’s age proof. 

For example, a user wants to purchase wine online. They’ll first need to click on the “Wine Delivery” option. A popup will appear where they need to confirm that they are 18 years old. 

After confirming their age, the user will be able to browse the store and add to the cart all the items that they want. After adding their address, they can proceed to checkout by selecting their preferred payment method. On the Gojek Clone App, users can choose to pay in cash, online via credit card, or in-app wallet balance. 

On the next screen, they’ll see the option to upload the image of their identity card. Users can click and upload the image on the app and proceed to place the order. 

Once the delivery driver arrives at the user’s location, they’ll see the original ID card and only then verify the uploaded proof and complete the delivery. 

Voice Instructions 

The users can easily record and upload voice note instructions on the application for delivery drivers.  

This feature is very useful for users as well as drivers since voice notes are easy to understand! Furthermore, using voice notes, users can explain the routes to the drivers, where to drop off the package, and also give them parking instructions. 

First, the user needs to add all the items they need to the cart and review the checkout page. In the next step, they can go to the Delivery Instruction section and add the voice note. 

They can tap and hold the record button present on the Gojek Clone App screen to record the message. Once done, the user can listen to the instruction and delete it if it didn’t record properly. 

Users can then proceed with order placement by clicking on the “Next” button. 

Trending Services of Gojek-like App 

Along with trendy features, the app also offers customers the most amazing on-demand services. 

Did you know that an app like Gojek offers 101+ services? 

Well, the multi-service app offers customers services from these categories: 

  • Online taxi booking:  users can easily book a taxi ride, rent a taxi, or hire a luxurious chauffeured taxi from X to Y location within the city. 
  • On-demand delivery services: users can get food, medicines, groceries, flowers, etc., from a nearby store/restaurant/shop delivered to their doorstep in a single click. 
  • Online video consultations: the Gojek Clone App allows users to book an online video consultation with lawyers, tutors, fitness coaches, yoga instructors, and also astrologers. 
  • On-demand services: the users can easily book on-demand maids, beauticians, car washers, etc. from this app at their own preferred date and time. 
  • Bid for handyman services: service bidding is one of the most trendy services where users can post tasks for handyman services like carpenters, home painters, plumbers, electricians, etc. As soon as the task is posted on the app, interested providers can start bidding for the service. 
  • Parcel delivery: using this multi-service app, your users can send parcels from one location to another in the city in the cargo vehicle they prefer. Moreover, they can choose to deliver the parcels to multiple local locations!  
  • On-demand medical services: now, your users can easily book on-demand medical services like appointments with the doctor, an ambulance, order blood/plasma from the blood bank, etc. 
  • Delivery Genie and Runner:  the Gojek Clone App will also enable your users to book a personal shopper or runner with a single click! 

In Conclusion: 

Now that you know which are the most trendy features and services of this app, why not connect with the sales experts at the white-labeling firm? 

Get your on-demand business established in just one week with this amazing multi-service app! How? Well, simply purchase the pre-built  Gojek Clone App, get it white-labeled, and launch it on iOS & Android app stores.

Get started today! 

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