What Can Be The Maximum Price For a Brain Tumour Treatment in India?

What Can Be The Maximum Price For a Brain Tumour Treatment in India?

Brain Tumour Treatment just like any other treatment procedure in India is available at a minimum cost. You get to avail the treatment at a price lower than any other country across the world. 

However, the Brain Tumour Treatment Cost entirely depends on the personalised medical condition of the patient. Some need chemotherapy for the cure, while others need radiation therapy. Some might not find healing without surgery. 

So, based on the symptoms, causes, spread and the procedure required for the cure, every patient will receive different quotes from the doctors and the surgeons. 

Is There Any Approximate Cost of The Brain Tumour Surgery?

Yes, like every other treatment procedure, there exists an approximate cost of brain tumour treatment too. The average price for brain tumour surgery in India is in the range of USD 6,000 to 9,000. 

Well, this is only the operational cost involved in the treatment of brain tumour. One thing is sure only 60% of the condition can find a cure through a single procedure. Otherwise, all the procedures; approximately 40% of the terms will need combinations of the treatment to see the final solution for the treatment of a brain tumour. 

So, the cost of the procedures with brain tumour surgery will not go above 9,000 US dollars in India. This package includes all the expenses that associate with the hospital. It means the price of diagnosis, treatment, food, stay, and post-recovery cost until the stay in the hospital is included in it. 

However, a patient has to stay outside the hospital for a minimum period of three to four weeks. All those expenses for the stay and food outside the hospital will be additional. 

What Can Increase or Decrease The Price of Brain Tumour Treatment? 

Well, if your condition requires the treatment through chemotherapy and radiation therapy; the price depends on the number of sessions needed for the procedure. 

A single session of chemotherapy starts from 500 dollars in India. If there exists the requirement of multiple sessions for the same, the price will vary accordingly. 

Similarly, the price of radiation therapy starts at USD 1,000 for each session. It increases or decreases depending on the intensity of the radiation therapy and also the number of sessions. 

Sometimes, the price of brain tumour highly decreases when the patient requires the combination of procedures for the cure. 

Along with brain tumour surgery, and a combination of radiation therapy & chemotherapy, the cost of treatment can go as high as 10,000 to 15,000 US Dollars. 

Final Words:

When you undergo the brain tumour treatment under the Best Doctor For Brain Tumour in India, you can find healing as well as relaxation to your pocket. 

The experience of several years for Indian doctors can help you overcome even the end-stage tumour. The doctors in India are capable of healing malignant as well as cancerous tumours. You will not have to worry about anything when you plan your medical tourism to India for brain tumour treatment. 


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