Red Flags to Avoid While Selecting a Medical School Application Consultant

Med School Admissions Consulting

With heavy competition among students to enter a medical school of their choice, it’s becoming extremely difficult for applicants to stand out from each other. Increasing numbers of students are turning to hire med school application consultants to increase their chances of getting accepted into medical schools of their choice. Medical school application consultants are experts who aid the task of showcasing an exemplary application that schools will find it hard to reject. They ascertain the right format and structure for conveying the intent of the application by showing the applicant’s strengths. 

However, with so many medical school admissions consulting services available in the market today, how can one ascertain the best-med school application consultant for your needs? By looking for these red flags, you can easily select the best consultant for you. 

  • Missing Reviews on Website

When looking for a new restaurant to dine at, one usually ends up selecting the restaurant based on their google reviews or some other reliable sources pertaining to restaurant reviews and ratings. In the same way, it is highly important that one can gauge the genuineness of the medical school admissions consulting company through their online reviews. If a consultant has more negative reviews rather than positive ones, hiring them is a major mistake. This is one of the biggest red flags that one should not miss out on while trying to hire a consultancy service. If a consultancy service is missing independent and verified reviews, it’s not a great idea to hire them. This shows that either the company doesn’t have significant experience in the field or is consistently and actively deleting the unfavorable reviews that are left on the page. 

  • Low Success rate or Unverified Success Rate

Almost all med school application consultancy will showcase a success rate posted on their official website and on their review pages. This information should tell you the percentage of students that have been accepted amongst all the applicants that they have applied from that consultancy. Dig into the numbers and verify if they are all verified numbers rather than just fluff put up on the website. 

  • No guarantees 

Guarantees are given out when a company states their confidence in the service they provide. If a medical school admissions consultant isn’t providing a guarantee of their service, it tells you a lot about their confidence in their service and how much they believe they can do the task without it seeming like a pure waste of money. No guarantee means that this consultancy will be draining for you mentally and financially. This is another red flag that you should be able to see and avoid at all costs. 

All of these red flags are extremely important for you to look into before booking a trial round with your nearest med school application consultant