Moving abroad? Important Documents to Bring With You

Congrats on moving abroad. Relocating in a new country is an exciting but arduous process. The task does not only involve cross country moving your entire life thousands of miles away but as well as it also includes a lot of essential paperwork. For having a successful international move, it is important to take some important documents with you. Have a look:

Some important documents to bring with you when moving abroad!!!


To travel abroad, it is necessary to have a legal government-issued passport. If one of your family members doesn’t have a passport then it is recommended you to apply as soon as possible. Obtaining a passport can take a few weeks to a few months.

Birth certificate

Your birth certificate is another important document that you should take with you while moving abroad. A birth certificate offers identification to a person.


A visa is an official document that declared the purpose of the traveler to remain in a certain country along with the specific time until when the traveler can stay there. This visa has been issued and authorized by the country where you want to move.

Work permit

Along with visa, you also need a work permit that allows you to work there. If you are on a list of international moving services and want to work there for survival then it is necessary to take work permit along with other important documents.

School records

Don’t forget to bring all school record documents along with copies with you especially when you are moving with a child.

Medical records

No matter whether you are moving in abroad for a longer duration of time or a short period, it is recommended you to take your medical records with you. After all, you will never know when illness arrives. It is better to not to take a risk with your health especially when you are moving abroad. Once you reach there, try to find out a doctor for you as earlier as it is possible. Don’t forget to take immunization records of you and your family because in immunizations are required in certain areas to start work, to take admission in a school and so on. People usually don’t pay attention to their medical records but it is very important to pay attention to these.

Your marriage certificate

A marriage certificate contains information regarding a couple that a couple has been legally married at a certain place on a certain day. Marriage certificates are mandatory for several purposes such as to change the last name, for providing marital relationship and for tax purposes. When you are planning to move abroad, it is important to take your marriage certificate with you. You will never know when you need this document so keep this handy.

These are the several important documents that you need to take with you when you are planning to move abroad. It is recommended you to take plenty of copies of these documents so you can provide your identity everywhere when you enter a new country.  Also, as it is a long distance mover, do not forget to as for moving company quotes to get an idea of the finances required.

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