n – blocks Holistic Decentralized Digital Identity Ecosystem

n – blocks Holistic Decentralized Digital Identity Ecosystem

A digital identity is an entity used by a computer to represent an agent. The agent can be an individual, an organization or an industry. In a format accepted internationally, some personal aspects and information are stored which will give an entity its unique identification world wide.

A Mastercard helps us to travel cashless globally. It helps to transact in any amount and on anything we want in whichever country we live and wherever we go. In the same way, digital identity will make us a global citizen. This also called online identity. It has become widespread and necessity. So, if you or your organization still do not have a digital identity and staying in the middle-east contact n-blocks it is one of the digital identity companies Middle East.`

At every step, an individual has to prove his identity many times and for that, we have to keep many documents with us and show them time to time. Even our signature has to be put in several places every day to show the world that it is me. And God forbid, a little twisting in any alphabet and a new set of trouble starts all over again. Not to talk of the amount of precious time that the whole problem will take up from our precious 24 hours per day. So knock at once at digital identity uae.

Our identity includes our fingerprint, picture, password or the iris impression. It is needed in Banks, Governmental documents, Airlines, Hospitals, and intimates.

A digital identity signed by issuers is encrypted and stored where they are tamper-resistant and safe. Personal information does not have to be shared but the identification becomes instant and unique at one go. This is a way of keeping fraud at bay. Thus one can understand the importance of digital identity Middle East.

To identify our self to someone also or an institution w have to depend on a physical witness, birth certificates and voter identity card. It takes time and patience. However, identifying a fraud payment takes only 25 milliseconds. So, to avoid this digital identification is the solution, why not? In this technically advanced world where we are trying to eradicate poverty, educate every one and make everyone computer savvy.

Today’s child does not have to carry a bank card. Just with the scan of her eye. She can pay for any device she wants clothes, watch or even a mobile phone. Thus her unique DNA is her identity. Now also we can buy anything with a tap on the screen but we still need a 30 character password. Some small countries like Estonia have raced ahead with great success. With a population of only 1.3 million, its digital identity is unique to the Baltic state. A digital identity is like a little speaker inside a person saying ‘Hi. It’s me’. So hold the hands-on n-blocks and understand the importance of digital identity, Middle East.

Once the digital identity is created by n-blocks. These are some of the ways by which you can protect it –upgrade time to time

  1. Create an 8 characters password.
  2. Upload and upgrade time to time licensed Antivirus software.
  3. Update software from time to time
  4. Check security settings
  5. Think before posting anything
  6. Be alert of fake websites
  7. Protect the device
  8. Check bank statements from time to time

There will never be an identity crisis once the digital identity is ready. So, hop, skip and jump to n-blocks to create your and your organization’s digital identity blockchain Middle East.

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