Whether its sweltering summers or human monsoons, AC’s have become an important part of our everyday lives. We cannot find comfort without them at home and even at work. To stay cool throughout the day or to ensure comfortable sleep at night, choosing the right air conditioner is where it all starts. Choosing the right option comes down to whichever best suits your living space, family’s needs, and budget. There are different types of air conditioning units such as,



Some of the features that need to be checked out while choosing an AC include,

*Remote control

*Sleep mode

*Manufacturer’s warranty



*Check filter light


 Regular maintenance of the air conditioner coils, fins and fingers are required for it to function efficiently and effectively. There are chances of the air conditioner’s performance declining if regular maintenance is neglected. 

1) Air conditioner filters

  The task of replacing or cleaning filters routinely will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner. Systems efficiency is significantly reduced when the normal airflow is blocked due to the dirty and clogged filters. 

Different types of filters are available with different efficiencies. Some filters are reusable whereas some must be replaced. 

2) Air conditioner coils

  As the air conditioner functions, its condenser and evaporator coil collects the dirt. The dirt reduces the airflow and thereby reducing the heat absorption capacity of the system which negatively affects the efficiency of the air conditioner. Soiling of the evaporator is prevented by a clean filter. 

3) Coil fins

  Airflow blockage can be caused due to the bent aluminum fins on the condenser and evaporator coils. Using a tool called fin comb can set these fins back to their original position and hence eliminating the airflow blockage. 


     It provides smarter, faster and more efficient cooling than ever before. From cassette cooling solutions to domestic ductless ACs for commercial spaces, Hitachi has it all. While most brands end up giving up to 18,000 BTU per hour, the 1.5ton model of Hitachi gives you 20,473 BTU per hour. It gives 13.7% of additional cooling which is ideal for hot summers. Some of the features of Hitachi AC are as follows,

*Four-way swing: It ensures uniform airflow to every part of the room.

*Powerful mode: for quick cooling. 

*Kaimin mode: raises the temperature by one degree Celsius per hour up to four hours.

*Smart-back lit Remote

*Tropical compressor: for better performance

Some of the innovative models of Hitachi AC’s are,

*Inverter split AC

*Fixed speed split AC

*Clean Split AC and quick cooling

*Powerful window AC.

Air conditioner price in India depends on your location and also the manufacturer. Hitachi air conditioner price depends on the number of features as well the size and other specifications. 

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