Paso’s Super Lemon Haze Oil Cartridge in the UK!

Paso’s Super Lemon Haze Oil Cartridge in the UK!

Unlike the US, CBD vape oil cartridges are rather new to the UK market. While the majority of suppliers here sell mostly CBD e-liquid Cartridges, as of late, some of them have started providing stronger CBD vape oils. However, given it’s still early days, there aren’t many good options available as far as variety or flavor is concerned. That’s why I wanted to write a post on the best Super Lemon Haze Oil cartridge I have found in the UK, but first let’s understand what makes a high strength CBD vape cartridge so effective and such a high concentration product. 

What are high strength CBD vape cartridges? 

Ordinary CBD vape oil and e-liquid vape cartridges come in all kinds of flavors and strains. The strength, quality and purity of these vape cartridges will depend on the brands, but the more concentrated the CBD, the stronger the hit. As such, CBD e-liquid vape cartridges which are diluted down by a PG / VG mix tend to be a lot lighter than CBD vape oils. CBD vape oils, on the other hand, are not diluted down by anything and are just hemp extract and natural terpenes. This means there is a much higher concentration of CBD and so the vape cartridges are much stronger. So, where a CBD e-liquid contains 10% of CBD at best, CBD vape oil cartridges range anywhere from 55% and up meaning this is the route to go if you want a high strength CBD vape cartridge option.This is also the route you would want to go if you are looking for the purest and most healthy way to vape given no other dillutents are mixed into the carts it is pure extract! 

As a result of this, CBD vape oil cartridges tend to be a lot thicker and denser than CBD e liquid cartridges. So they require a special, more powerful heating device to ensure a good vaping experience, this is usually called a cannabis or marijuana vape pen. 

Best Super Lemon Haze oil cartridge?

So on to my favorite Super Lemon Haze oil cartridge. For me, hands down, the Paso Citrus Eclipse vape cartridge leads the way. Paso is a newly founded CBD brand that sells many types of high strength CBD vape cartridges along with a wide range of other CBD products such as CBD oil tinctures and sprays. They also have a sleek and sturdy vape pen that is powerful enough to heat up oil cartridges as well as CBD e liquids. 

Why do I like it so much? 

  • The flavour is unparalleled and the most authentic. Their natural terpenes gives it its signature tart, but slightly sweet citrus lemon flavor with a delightful herbal edge 
  • Paso’s Super Lemon Haze Oil is a high-quality blend of CBD, CBG, other minor cannabinoids so you truly get an entourage effect from it being a broad spectrum vape cartridge
  • Their Super Lemon Haze Oil cartridge is one of the highest strength CBD vape cartridges on the market at 65%
  • The vape cartridge itself is made up of special noncombustible glass so as to endure high-temperatures during heating up the vape oil (also avoids any potential toxins of heating up plastic!)
  • It has a ceramic coil for a better vaping experience. Ceramic is more porous than other metal carts which makes for better absorption of the vape oil so it tastes better whilst still a stronger hit.
  • The Super Lemon Haze Oil cartridge is compatible with the universal 510 thread which means that it can work in any vaporizer or vape pen which has a 510 thread. Another plus point, since most of the vaporizers and vape pen only work with 510 thread batteries.


Sounds tempting? Well, try for yourself and let me know what you think!

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