3 Inspiring Things Ashley Graham Said That Plus Size Women Should Hear

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Flaunt; don’t hide!

I know my curves are sexy, and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too. There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt,” said none other than Ashley Graham, this generation’s body-positive icon. It ain’t a secret that Ashley is a bold dead set babe! However, what we tend to overlook is that she isn’t just an inspiration but a revolutionist. Besides making room for curvy girls in the mainstream media, she wants the world to bridge the gap between straight size and plus size. She herself doesn’t want to be labelled as a ‘plus-size model’ but simply a ‘model’.

Thanks to this bold American supermodel, the fashion world now started accepting the beauty of curvier frames. Today, there are bountiful style options in designer plus size dresses that curvy fashionistas can choose to revamp their style statement to brilliance.

Unfortunately, not all plus size women know how to pull off fashionable outfits with confidence. If you are one among them, fret not! Graham is here to help you feel beautiful in your body shape with her amazing body-positivity quotes. Keep reading!

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Standards of beauty are not constant. They vary from culture to culture and person to person. Most particularly, they depend on people’s thoughts and their mindset. For some of them, neither a skinny girl with size zero nor a curvy girl with size 16 have a perfect body type. Then, what exactly does ‘perfect’ even mean?

Giving back to these cliché standards, Ashley says, There is no one standard definition of beauty or one perfect size.” She encourages curvy women to stay happy in what they have got. In other words, they can pick any style in voguish plus size dresses on sale without caring much about the beauty standards.

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Let’s accept that your biggest cheerleader is YOU. Graham believes that real confidence comes when you start loving yourself. She states, Every day if you tell yourself ‘I Love You’, it will change your mind.”

That’s spot on! Giving yourself validation while ignoring the stereotypes can help you flaunt your natural curves unapologetically. So, whether you are a curvy teenager looking for plus size prom dresses on sale for your high school gala or a curvy bride on the hunt for plus size wedding dresses on sale, all you need is self-assurance to strike a pose in the crowd.

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Indeed, some fashion rules are needless, like “don’t wear sequin plus size cocktail dresses in a day.” Besides, a few plus-size fashion guides also cover that curvy or apple body shapes women cannot dress up in form-fitting silhouettes. However, the truth is – all these rules make no sense. After all, they all are man-made and based on individuals’ perceptions. 

Graham motivates plus-size fashionistas to break the old-fashioned rules. She explains, The moment you stop putting regulations on your life, then that’s when it all changes.According to her opinion, all females need to accept their body type and live out their fashion fantasies. Be it an elegant long dress or a sexy plus size short dress on sale, curvy girls ought to opt for a style they always dream of. 

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Closing Words

Ashley Graham is truly an inspiration. From being a plus-size model to a body positivity ambassador, she is proof that women can break the conventional rules and set new trends.

Now that you are fascinated by her boldness and thoughts, are you ready to create a buzz about your beautiful curves? If yes, take pleasure in Avant-garde plus size dresses on sale and flaunt them like a model.

Cheers to the real YOU!


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