Mediation is one of the most common processes but still, there is a part of the population either who don’t know about it or who don’t want to know about it. So, people have already made certain assumptions and benefits on their own. Actually, mediation helps in solving the disputes among the people in a very effective way. In this article, let us know about the important myths about mediation.


Mediation is a truly expensive process!

Actually, mediation is one of the cheapest processes for solving disputes. The cost of a mediator depends on the geographical area and the type of conflict. Always remember the cost of mediator and hisring a good mediator are always less as compared to the court process. If you seriously want to solve your disputes and conflicts, you should definitely hire a good mediator. Moreover, you can save a lot of time and energy in the mediation process.


Mediation is just like a process of going to the court!

Basically, it is an active process which doesn’t involve any kind of decision making as well as a judge. It means that, the direction of mediation as well as the decision of the conflicts depends on both the parties. A mediator can’t take the decision in any case. In simple words, mediation is a very simple process and is completely within the hands of both the parties, so you can make it informal as well as formal.


Mediation does not work for the complex process!

It is absolutely a wrong myth. Whether you have a simple issue or whether you have a complex issue, mediation actually works. Mediation allows you to discuss and discover the complex issues. Always keep one thing in your mind that mediation process has the power to solve the complex issue only if you have selected the right mediator.


If you have different conflicts, you need to choose different mediator

Gone are the days when people used to solve their conflicts within the courts. After the introduction of mediation, you can easily knock the door of a mediator. Some people have a myth that if you have workspace conflict, you should go to the different mediator but if you have family disputes, you should go to different mediator. In fact, you can get all the services under single roof such as Accrinton family mediation and in this way, you can see your conflicts.