Powertrain of 2021 Dodge Charger is Amazing

Powertrain of 2021 Dodge Charger is Amazing

This vehicle is ideal for people who are Nascar fanatics as its roots trace back to it. The 201 Dodge Charger looks like a sporty version of sedans and performs superiorly to its competitors. It is one of the best vehicles that you can buy that offers ample space and an amazing powertrain. Thus, gather a few details about the powertrain before you visit Carmel by the Sea Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer to get your Dodge Charger. 

2021 Dodge Charger’s powertrain

The gutsy sound of the raw power of V8 is what people love to hear from the Charger. If anyone is not keen on getting the V8 then a V6 option is available too. However, if you are getting a 2021 Charger, you should always go for the Hemi V8 engine as it will aid in having a driving experience that will blow your mind away.  

Both come with auto 8-speed transmission as Dodge doesn’t provide a manual option for the Charger. Also, AWD is standard for all trims. V6 might feel like it has been subdued a bit, especially to people who have driven the V8 model but its AWD feature is what makes even the V6 quite a fun car to drive. Try to understand that the V6 model is not at all a slouch but the V8 is better. 

Two V8 engines are available for people to choose from; one is a 5.7L engine that offers 370 horsepower while the larger V8 offers a whopping 485-hp, which is capable of beating all its rivals easily. The bigger V8 provides people with 3.8 seconds to reach 0-60mph, while the smaller V8 has enough power to outrun any family sedan that is available in today’s market. 

Moreover, the powertrains available offer a composed and quiet ride that is hard to come by in sedans with so much power under the hood. Apart from railroad crossing or large potholes, this vehicle offers a smooth ride on rough roads too due to its advanced suspension system. Even when cornering a driver has complete control of the vehicle as it is well balanced and due to such amazing power, it increases the fun. 

The power steering consists of electrical assistance which aids in purposeful control and its braking system is quite outstanding especially with upgrades ones for high-performing trims. 


The Charger offers a mileage of 19 mpg to 21 mpg in a city and around 30 mpg when on highway. You buy this vehicle for performance and in its class, it is still at par with most rivals. If you want to know more about mileage, pricing or any other detail then reach Carmel by the Sea CDJR dealer store. 

This sedan-style vehicle is without any doubt has the most amazing powertrain that enhances one’s driving experience. In addition, its exterior styling and interior beauty will mesmerize any individual planning t get it. Thus, you need to opt for a test drive of this beast and then book your favorite trim immediately. 


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