Procedure of Dermatoglyphics Analysis

Procedure of Dermatoglyphics Analysis

We all are borne different, carrying differ looks and personalities. On top of that, we grow up in different environments. Other features that make us completely unique from one another are those stripes and patterns on our fingertips. We have never paid much attention to those patterns on our fingerprints, but do you know about the wealth of information they store in them? We are talking about Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence tests here and how the study of these patterns is used to uncover the hidden potential in an individual and understated his personality.

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IVM Shiksha is a leading Dermatoglyphics brand that is working actively in this direction and has already helped hundreds of people pave the right progress in their career and understand themselves better.  The science behind those fingerprints is in fact very old and it is only recently that fresh perspectives have been added to and are being looked into.  An increasing number of people today rely on DMIT to uncover the hidden talents in themselves or in their child. Dermatoglyphics not only helps one progress in their education and career but also develop better relationships with those around them.

These patterns on the palms, fingertips and soles actually get developed in the 19 weeks during pregnancy. It is during this time that the development of the simple cord and brain start developing separately. The number of creases that get developed in the brain also get reflected on the fingerprints. The10 fingerprints actually reflect the different parts of our brain are reflected by our 10 fingerprints. dermatoglyphics reflects the DNA in our body and is therefore unique and will not change.

The procedure for Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence tests

Generally speaking, a Dermatoglyphics Software is used to carry these tests. The basic method includes collecting fingerprints and footprints as well as palm prints. This may take about half an hour and the candidate gets the report in about a week. The Consultants and psychiatrists then study habits and the behavior in the individual to study him better and to derive accurate results.

The procedure for taking the prints on the fingers, palms, and soles is simple. One just needs to apply a special ink the palms and soles and take the prints on a paper. The procedure can also be done with the help of software. The prints that are taken are then scanned and fed into the computer, where a dermatoglyphics software analyzes the patterns. The aim is to study the number of prints and understand genetic sequence. The potential of a person is judged based on the data and dermatoglyphics Analysis. Discover the secrets inside your child’s fingerprint with the help of DMIT.

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