What should be inspected during the process of Pre-shipment inspection china?

Pre-shipment inspection

If you are ordering materials or goods from China or any other part of the world you need to be sure that they are high in quality and perfect fit for the purposes. You need to check the quality even before paying for it and shipping to their destinations.  This is the key reason that for performing your pre-shipment inspection, your quality inspection team may visit the factory site to verify the quality of each and every finished product and also their packaging.

Final Pre-shipment inspection china usually takes place at the end of or near the end of the manufacturing process when 80% of the order is complete and so the packaging for shipping.

There are few specific standards for the final pre-shipment inspections that is based on the AQL or Acceptable Quality Level and ANSI or the American National Standards Institute standards that ensure that the sample size drawn from any given shipment is enough significant statistically to represent the entire shipment process.

What should be inspected during the final pre-shipment inspection?

Product safety

The first and foremost checking is product safe. It checks whether the product they are manufacturing and shipping is completely safe and no such risk factor is involved with it.

Product conformity

The product conformity is important to meet specific standards required by the purchaser, or by the country of destination

Product quantity

Pre-shipment checking should be performed to check the quantity of the products. They will check whether there is the right amount of product in the package they are going to ship.

Product workmanship

Pre-shipment inspection china should inspect the product workmanship. It checks whether the parts and products are perfectly made with proper care.

Product color conformity

Another inspection should be the conformity of color for every product.

Product size

The process of Pre-shipment inspection china ensures also the product size whether it is as per requirement or not.

It also checks a few other things like:

  • Packaging conformity to standards
  • Packaging safety
  • There are many other variables that can be checked before shipment of any product from china or also for china

The Pre-shipment inspection china is important to reduce the requirements for quality control at the receiving chain of the supply chain. You need to ensure that your goods conform to the required standards before they are shipped to get your peace of mind and also to prevent a costly repair.

you can discuss with your quality testing specialists about your requirements if you confront any doubt before going for the process of before shipment inspection or just outsource the entire process if that is cost-effective and convenient.

At this stage of testing, it is important that the turnaround times from the inspection process to reporting are minimal, and you have all the information you need to make key decisions that may reduce delays in receiving high-quality finished products, pre-shipment inspections are the necessary part of any process of quality control.